Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors use manipulation of the spine and other non-invasive treatment. Proper alignment of the musculo-skeletal structure, especially the spine, will help the body to heal without the need for surgery or medications. Spinal manipulation restores mobility to joints that become restricted by injury caused by a trauma, such as falling, repetitive stress, such as sitting at a computer for a long time without proper support.

Chiropractic care is mostly used as a pain relief method for joints, muscles and connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons. It is sometimes used in tandem with traditional medical interventions. The initials "DC" identify a chiropractor whose education and training usually includes an undergraduate degree at an accredited university plus a few years at a chiropractic college.

What Does Chiropractic for Low Back Pain Involve?

A chiropractor first takes a patient's medical history and then performs a physical examination. Sometime he may use lab tests or x-rays or MRIs to determine the appropriate treatment for back pain.The treatment protocol can involve one or many manual adjustments where the Chiropractor manipulates the joints to improve range and quality of motion. Some chiropractors also encourage their patients to use nutritional counseling and exercise and home stretching moves into their treatment protocol. The goals of chiropractic treatments can include the restoration of function as well as the prevention of injury in addition to pain relief.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation is considered a safe and sometimes effective treatment for low back pain. Chiropractic care can also be prescribed for the type of sudden onset injury that results from car accidents or lifting furniture. Chronic back pain, of tne lasts no more than five weeks and usually gets better on its own.

Chiropractic care can helpful in treating neck pain and migraines. In addition, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia sometimes respond to the gentle pressure used both by chiropractors. Research studies have not confirmed the effectiveness of sclerotherapy and prolotherapy for pain which is used by some chiropractors to treat chronic pain. The therapy involves injections such as sugar water in an attempt of strengthening and rebuilding the ligaments.

People who have spinal cord injuries, osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, or who are on blood-thinning drugs should not get spinal manipulation. In addition, cancer patients need to first obtain clearance from their primary doctor before seeing a Chiropractor. Every treatment plan is based on a proper diagnosis of your condition. The chiropractor must be well informed on your medical history, including ongoing diseases, medications, surgical history, and other lifestyle factors.

Although very uncommon, there have been cases in which a patient's condition worsened a herniated disc, or neck manipulation ended up in spinal cord injury. To be on the safe side, always tell your primary doctor whenever you use chiropractic.

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