Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is There More Harm Done Cooking Alkaline Vegetables?

Is there more harm done cooking alkaline vegetables? If I gave you the short answer to that question then it would be a " no". Cooking your vegetables is purely dependent on the method you use.

Boiling is the worst way to cook your vegetables, because obviously key nutrients are extracted once over the 100 centigrade mark.

I steam my vegetables as opposed to boiling them and here are some of the reasons why this method of cooking is better.

More colourful

Raw vegetables look quite vibrant but when steamed the hot water vapor seems to enhance the colour unlike boiling them. I promise you'll be attracted to broccoli once steamed.

More vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to combat free radicals which are free roaming molecules in the body that destroys cellular tissue and speeds up the aging process. Vitamin C is also required for healthy gums and strong teeth. Here's a fact... Boiling vegetables destroys 35% of the vitamin C content while steaming only gets rid of 15%. As you can see a big difference.

Eating raw is always going to provide the most nutrients but you can get plenty of other vitamin C from fruits if you're worried.


Chlorophyll does a similar job to that of haemoglobin. It helps to rebuild and replenish red blood cells and is important for eliminating carcinogens in the liver which is a harmful agent commonly found in cigarette smoke. Chlorophyll also helps to maintain all bodily detoxification systems by binding onto toxins like heavy metals. As you probably have guessed it, steaming retains more Chlorophyll then boiling.

Folic Acid

Folic acid also known as vitamin B9 is important for avoiding anaemia and I have also heard is especially vital for pregnant women to take so that it prevents their child from being born with any adverse side effects. Many people lack their daily vitamins but you can get a good daily dose by either steaming some spinach, collard greens, mustard greens and many other dark leafy vegetables.

Retains Protein

Most green vegetables have a certain degree of protein and helps stimulate testosterone production. Many bodybuilders know that they gain more mucle mass by steaming their aparaguses and broccoli so this should be enough information for you to want to steam your own vegetables.

Cooking your vegetables with a steamer is a lot faster and does not require any oils to roast your vegetables; therefore it can work out a lot cheaper too.

I have a multi-tiered steamer so that you can put the thicker vegetables at the bottom such as the carrots and cauliflower and green peas at the top where they require less steam.

In the winter season I would choose steaming vegetables over eating raw and vice versa in the summer. Dehydrators are also ideal for cooking vegetables raw by absorbing the water content inside and still keeping it warm.

The only downside to a dehydrator is that they are very demanding for kitchen space, which is why I would pick steaming overall, even if you lose a minimal amount of the nutrients.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Gene Therapy for Cancer

Gene therapy for cancer

Being one of the potent killers of mankind; cancer has no known, completely effective cure. Although treatments aimed at managing cancer and reducing mortality have been around for some time and have improved over the years; till now, the best prescription for cancer cure is early detection, something that is left to wild chance, because most cancers are asymptomatic. This calls for preventive screening, but this is neither foolproof nor riskless.

The new line of approach

One approach that could offer new hope for cancer treatment is gene therapy. It is not a generalized set of medicines or treatments; rather, it is a new approach that looks at the treatment of cancer in a different way altogether.

What is it?

Gene therapy can be defined as a set of records and databases with which to identify treatments specific to the individual's genetic setup. In order to understand this approach, one has to get a basic understanding of how cancer cells work. Cancer usually starts with a single cell. It then grows within the body by multiplying. This multiplication is done by a process called mutation, during which it not only divides indefinitely; it also renders the immune system powerless in stopping it. This is because it is so similar to the healthy genes that the immune system cannot distinguish between it and healthy genes.

A set of records

Understanding the similarity between the malignant and healthy genes is the key to stopping the growth of cancer cells, because it helps understand many aspects about the mutation, such as how it is likely to grow, how it responds to various treatments, and so on. Gene therapy aids this process significantly by compiling and matching the patient's gene records. These records help doctors prescribe the right kind of treatment, based on a study of the gene records. This is likely to make treatment more targeted and specific and more importantly, effective. It prevents the patient from being subjected to generalized treatments that are often harsh and come with many side effects.

Targeted treatment

Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have identified two genes that are what may be termed rogue genes in that they prevent treatment from working. Spotting these two genes is an important premise to coming out with tailor-made, effective treatments. This can be carried out with a simple toolkit.

Multi-pronged approach

In patients undergoing this line of detection; genetic material such as DNA or RNA, which improve the body's ability to fight malignant cells, are injected into the body through a number of approaches. One of these is to inject these DNA so that they target at the malignant cells and destroy them in a process being labeled 'suicide genes', meaning making the malignant cells destroy themselves. One other approach is to inject DNA or RNA on healthy genes to make them stronger and resistant to future attacks. Yet another is to make existent cancer cells stronger and more sensitive to chemotherapy, thus drastically improving the success rate of treatments like chemo.

Bright promise

It may be a while before people afflicted by cancer can receive the full benefits of this line of treatment, because most of these are in the trial stages and will require approvals and need to be weighed for risk-benefit analyses. Yet, that a new and revolutionary line of treatment is on the horizon cannot be denied.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Lip Waxing Products Are Better Than Other Hair Removal Resources

Women use a wide range of products to make sure that their lips look their best, taking simple measures such as applying lip gloss or lipstick and in some cases even injecting collagen into their lips. Given how much women pay attention to their own lips, it is no surprise that most women go to great lengths to get rid of unsightly hair that appears in the upper lip region. If left unattended, these hairs will lead to a loss of self-esteem and might even form a mustache. Women can prevent these issues by using one of the various lip waxing products that are on the market today.

Not all women have had waxing done before, so it is understandable that they might be hesitant to use such products. What they should realize is that other hair removal products are far less effective, efficient, and in many cases are more expensive. Shaving hair in the upper lip region will not only produce results that last less than one week by only removing hair at skin level, but can even cause hairs to grow back thicker and darker.

Plucking hairs with a tweezer is more effective since just like lip waxing products, this method removes hair at the follicle root. However, this method is also painful and time-consuming. Treatments such as laser hair removal and electrolysis deliver the longest lasting results, but are very expensive since they must be completed by a trained professional. Alternatively, lip waxing products such as home waxing strips are inexpensive, can be used from the privacy of one's own home, and produce long-lasting results by removing hair at the root.

Home waxing strips are the most popular lip waxing resource, and these cloth strips coated with wax are sold in a box for between $10 and $20. Each box contains resources for multiple treatments, which delivers an extra level of convenience. Using home waxing strips is simple: the individual begins by affixing strips one-at-a-time to the upper lip area or any other area where he or she wishes to remove hair. Next, the individual will place down on the strip so that hair sticks to the wax coating, and then rip it off in a quick motion so that hair is removed at the root. This process takes seconds and causes very little pain after the first few uses.

While shaving hair causes it to grow back thicker and darker, using lip waxing products to remove hair will actually cause hair to grow back finer and lighter. Over time the need to wax one's skin becomes less frequent as the hair follicles are weakened.

Women who are considering home waxing strips or other lip waxing products should conduct plenty of research before making a purchase. Buyers should speak to a vendor of hair removal products to determine if alternatives such as lip waxing products formulated for sensitive skin are a better choice. The vendor should also be able to recommend a post-wax cream or oil that can be used to remove wax residue and nourish the skin.


Lip waxing products such as home waxing strips are cheaper, more convenient, and easier to use than shaving, electrolysis, or laser hair removal.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

STD Tests for Home Use: Privacy, Available Options and Accuracy

Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, safe sex may also provide some protection against nasty STDs. However, no matter how safe your safe sexual life might be, you can't always guarantee that you'll never develop any STD. Unlike before, you can now conveniently, shamelessly and quickly check whether or not your predicament is actually what you suspect it is thanks to STD test for home use.

Shameless STD testing

The biggest reason why there are still many adverse cases of STDS, despite continuing medical advances, is the plain fact that many are just easily horrified by the humiliation that STD testing may bring. Many patients only reach for medical assistance when things have gone too seriously. Nowadays, STD home test grants possible victims the perfect chance to check their sexual health without the fear of getting stigmatized and dejected by others. With the STD test kit for home use, any infected victim will be able to help themselves right when the STD can just be easily eradicated.

Available STD home testing options

Decades of research on STDs led to the development of at least one reliable STD test for each of the most infamous STDs there currently are. There are already testing kits for the viral diseases AIDS, Hepatitis B and herpes. There are also available tests for syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia infection and other bacterial STDs. You just have to visit a local drug store or purchase an STD home test from a reliable online store.

A typical STD test kit may require your blood or urine sample. There are also tests that require swabs of your mouth or that of other affected areas. Typically, an STD home test can be completed within your own residence and without the need of any medical expert. You just have to wait for few minutes to a few days depending on the STD you are testing. There are also some tests that require you to send your sample to a nearby laboratory. Your test results will later be forwarded to you confidentially via text or email.

STD tests differ in prices depending on the STD being tested, the means of testing and the accuracy of the product. Typically commercial home test kits come with a slightly hefty but completely reasonable price. There are also some free STD tests such as the free tests provided by Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. For the most truthful results, always select the most accurate STD tests available.

Accuracy of STD home test kits

STD test kit for home use is essentially the same as the ones that you may encounter in medical centers provided that those home test kits are FDA-approved. Test kits are under the jurisdiction of FDA and you must only trust STD test performed by FDA-approved products for your own welfare. Consult the FDA website before purchasing any home test kit and be aware of public warnings issued against certain non-approved products. For example, an FDA warning has been issued recently regarding the entry of some non-approved test kits coming from Canada.

FDA-approved test kits for various STDs have very high accuracy rates. However, you must still keep in mind that these highly accurate kits are not completely perfect. The false positive result may be given by STD test if you are suffering from a disease similar to the STD being tested while a false negative may occur when the STD is just developing and there are too few antibodies or too few viral particles to be detected. It's noteworthy to factor in your clinical history to ascertain accurate test results. If you test positive, immediately consult a health professional for follow-up tests and medical remedies.

Last words

Whenever you feel that something's wrong down there, always remember that you can now conveniently check your state of health without endangering your dignity thanks to home test kits for STDs. Just be smart enough to only purchase kits that are FDA-approved.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Find a Local Doctor for Your Child When You Relocate

If you have moved to a new area, one of the things you will need to do immediately is find a local doctor for your children. Even if your child does not have any major issues, it is still important in case something comes up. It is not always easy to find a pediatrician. Some are not accepting new patients, and sometimes you would not want the ones that are. Take the time to be as choosy as possible as you seek a pediatrician.

There are several things to consider as you look for a pediatrician for your child. Think about their location, their hours, their philosophy, education, and experience.

It is important to consider the location of a pediatrician. If your child steps on a nail or gets cut somehow, you might want to get him or her to the pediatrician right away. If the pediatrician's office is too far, you might end up having to take your child to the emergency room if it is closer. The emergency room can be a lengthy wait, and can entail the pick-up of many germs.

It is important to consider the hours at your pediatrician's office. Many emergencies take place after-hours. Some would not really be a big deal, but because you are not able to talk to someone who knows you and your child, you might once again end up in the emergency room. Find a local doctor who is on call or has another pediatrician in the practice on call. Otherwise, it can be frustrating.

The philosophy of a pediatrician is also important. Some pediatricians can be very into intervention. This is good if parents are abusing or neglecting their children, but most of the time, this is probably not going to be the case. If every visit to the pediatrician makes you feel like you are on trial, then you might have the wrong pediatrician. It is important to feel comfortable talking to your child's pediatrician.

The education and experience of a pediatrician should also be considered. Make sure that the one you choose has several years of working with children. Some may have been doctors for many years but only a pediatrician specifically for a few. Find a local doctor who is educated and experienced.

After considering these areas as well as any others that are important to you, make your choice. Remember that you are your child's advocate. You have the right to separate from any pediatrician that does not seem right for your child. Find a local doctor that fits you and your child's needs as soon as possible after a move.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How Botox Treatments Work

Botox treatments are cosmetic surgery procedures that are utilized by injecting the substance into strategic places in a person's face. For the most part, these injections are usually, if not always, injected in this area because this is the region in which a person wishes to appear more attractive and prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and creases.


The source of the substance is actually a neurotoxin and a protein which can have devastating effects when injected irresponsibly or inhaled. The lethal dosage for injections and inhalation differ. It is derived from the bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism in both human beings and animals. Careful and precise extraction of the substance from the bacteria has caused it to be marketed for properties that can be used for various cosmetic and medical procedures. It is important to note that only licensed and qualified doctors are allowed to handle the substance, and licensed pharmaceutical companies are the only ones who should produce Botox.


The primary uses of this substance were initially to treat blepharospasm and strabismus. Both are conditions that affect the eyes, blepharospasm being uncontrollable blinking and strabismus being cross eyed. Apart from condition that affect a person's eyes, the substance was also found to be able to affect the lower esophageal sphincter positively, as well as inhibit excessive sweating in humans. In the case of being able to inhibit sweating, researchers were able to utilize the derivative in a different way as it was initially used for. The fact that it can be used outside of inhibiting muscles is something that amazes researchers. It has also been found to be effective in treating chronic migraines under the right conditions and symptoms.

In cosmetic procedures, Botox was found to be highly effective in immobilizing specific muscles and tissues. This property is very desirable because it means that it can isolate and immobilize those that may cause wrinkles and creases on the face. Specific areas that are often targeted by doctors for injections are around the eyes, the nasal region, and the mouth. These regions are the ones which are commonly used by people in expressing emotion and expression when we communicate, which is why it is fairly easy to understand how these areas may be prone to wrinkling and creasing after a certain age and a specific skin type.

The Botox injection works to stop the body from using the muscle or tissue into which it has been injected. The paralyzing effect of the injection can last anywhere from five to eight months and has no lasting side effects. Many doctors can regulate the use of the substance in such a way that it is healthy and safe for the patient. After the paralyzing effect has worn off, the individual can schedule another injection to have the muscle immobilized again to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and creases.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Healthcare Credentials: From CRNE Exam to Accredited Pharmaceutical Courses

Healthcare credentials matter for many professions. Sometimes it's a matter of the school providing the right certification and membership training and sometimes a graduate must pass a professional exam. In some cases there is regular re-testing and mandatory skill upgrades.

When you think about the immense responsibility that a healthcare professional has, this makes a great deal of sense. Firstly, healthcare workers are in a position of trust. People are predisposed to believe people who work in medicine and health and see them as authority figures. Healthcare workers deal with people in a state of vulnerability, either those who don't have all their facilities or who are immobilized or in pain, or simply in the intimacy of a patient's home in the case of a nurse or a personal support worker. For these reasons, training from nursing through to pharmaceutical courses will also include an ethics component.

Teaching ethics isn't just about the simple concepts of right from wrong. It's also hard questions, for example when to notify patients about a diagnosis, who is privy to confidential patient information and what to do where the patient may have been involved in criminal activity or is a victim of abuse. Sometimes ethical questions may involve choices like whether or not to administer a treatment that could extend a patient's life but increase suffering. This is one of the reasons why the CRNE exam is constructed using input from working nurses and will have realistic case studies as examples.

Professional accreditation also makes sure that the healthcare worker has skills that are up to date. New medical research is occurring constantly. Treatments that were used in the past may be deemed ineffective or even actively harmful, while dosages and administration methods are being carefully refined. Pharmaceutical courses are expected to be current and be structured to train students the most modern practices. Courses taught several decades ago could hardly be expected to predict the plethora of drugs that are available today. In the past, antibiotics were constantly over prescribed, but modern know-how teaches us that this can be actively harmful to collective health or even the safety of the patient.

Another trend that encourages accreditation is increasing regulation and the legal due diligence to prevent litigation. Much like a restaurant will make sure it has qualified staff with a food safety certificate, medical facilities will hire staff that can prove they have a solid background. Professional organizations help compliance with regulations and care standards. For example, there is little oversight on who may call themselves a nurse, but a registered nurse, the kind that can work semi-autonomously in providing healthcare, must pass a national CRNE exam.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What You Need To Know About Constipation

Constipation is one of the problems that people do not like to discuss in mixed company. You probably would not discuss your bowel issues with a co-worker, your boss, your family, or even your significant other. Almost every person in the world suffers from a bout of constipation at least once in their life and many suffer from the problem once a year. By learning more about constipation, including how to fix the problem, you can alleviate your symptoms.

The Symptoms of Constipation

Some medical conditions cause symptoms that vary from patient to patient, but constipation is not one of those conditions. The top symptoms are fairly stagnant and the patients suffer the same symptoms or at least similar symptoms. Most of the conditions relate to bowel movements, including:

• A lack of movements for three days or longer
• Two or less movements over the course of one week
• Cramping in the lower abdominals
• Pain when attempting a bowel movement
• Upset stomach
• Nausea
• Straining when using the bathroom

About Constipation Remedies

Alleviating the symptoms is what most people want when they search for information about constipation. Those remedies fall into two categories: medical remedies and home remedies. Medical remedies are over-the-counter products that you use, such as laxatives. Laxatives fall into many different categories and must have a mild formula that should not disturb your body. Laxatives work by softening what stool you have in your body, no matter how small the stool. Once softened, the stool moves into the lower body and lets you have a bowel movement. Learn more about colon cleansing remedies today.

Home Remedies for Constipation

Home remedies are remedies that you use in the comfort of your own home. One of the top constipation home remedies is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a thin liquid that looks similar to olive oil. You take one tablespoon of the mineral oil by mouth for several days, or until you experience a movement. Vegetables and fruits with a high moisture content will also help alleviate constipation symptoms. You can find information about constipation and remedies from a large number of sources. These home remedies are even suitable for those suffering from constipation as the result of a medical condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome. IBS can cause constipation or diarrhea as the result of ingesting different foods, including fatty foods that upset the colon or the digestive tract.

Under Section 5 of DSHEA, the content material within this article or webpage is for consumer and educational purposes only. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Probiotics For Kids - The Many Benefits

With so much research going into better health in today's modern world, it's no wonder that many parents are starting to get concerned with what their children eat. Major food manufacturers and supplies are starting to take note of the demand for healthy eating, and are producing more products that are healthy and even aid in several different key aspects of the development stage.

Among the many options that are being introduced on a regular basis, probiotics for kids are definitely on the forefront. You may not notice the market getting flooded by options, but if you visit your local health food store you'll see many different brands start to proliferate shelves. There are several benefits to adding this to a child's daily diet, and they might surprise you. Consider the following things that this simple addition can help with.

Digestive Health - First and foremost, this will aid in digestion. Many children suffer from digestive problems such as constipation and other issues. That can be troublesome for a kid, which is why adding this is a great thing. Because the bacteria helps clean and regulate the intestines and stomach lining, it also can help prevent a great deal of gastrointestinal strain. It has seen to help in a variety of different ailments and even helps reduce issues that can spring up when dealing with medications.

Reduction of Gas - Gas due to lactose intolerance has seen improvement thanks to adding probiotics for kids. Now those things such as ice cream, milk, cheese, and other things that could end up generating a stink, will no longer be a problem. While this doesn't completely heal the issue it does reduce it, due in large part to the live active cultures and yeasts that are found within these products.

Immunity Strength - This helps with strengthening a child's immunity so that they aren't sick as often. Kids often sit in rooms full of other children and getting sick can be unavoidable at times, but by helping them strengthen their immunity to certain ailments, they will not have to worry about the sneezing, coughing, and runny noses that are all over the classroom.

The aforementioned things are just a handful of health issues that probiotics for kids can help with. Other benefits that many parents will be smiling about include absorption of trace minerals and even vitamins. That means that when eating they will get the maximum benefit from the foods that they are taking in. That can improve their energy levels and keep them healthy through a variety of seasons.

Not only that, helping them grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be made easy by making choices that are smart and healthy too. If that isn't enough, most probiotic brands taste great so it's not like you will have to fight with them to try and eat these items. Over time, as children grow and develop these products can help with a great deal of different issues and will only prove to be a good decision made by millions of parents today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips for Choosing the Best Hospital

One needs to be careful when it comes to choosing a good hospital. You need to keep in your mind that all decisions made while choosing the hospital should meet your purpose and give you a good medical treatment, besides keeping the cost at the lowest. Here are a few important facts that you should consider right away:

Check the Cost Involved:

You need to be pretty sure about the money you will have to pay in the hospital. Most of the hospitals charge a huge fee from the patients and as the result, patients feel robbed. Cost is the single most decisive factor when it comes to selecting the hospital. Make sure that you are not being charged more. Spending large amount of money on medical treatment is far beyond the reach of an average individual.

Insurance Ratings Explained:

Check your medical insurance policy to find out whether all the medical benefits are covered under it or not. There are also many medical insurance companies that provide a stringent internal quality rating system, which would help you make better judgment on choosing the hospital. Medical insurance companies certainly don't like to pay for the poor hospital administration as well as poor patient care. Therefore, the insurance companies will provide quality ratings for a particular hospital to the policy holder.

Check the Ranking of the Hospital:

There are several consumer-centric hospital ranking systems, which are available to the public and help the patients in choosing the hospital. However, this information is only made available for a certain amount of membership fee.

Check the Hospital Location:

Your choice of hospital should be based on the location also. If the hospital is close to the area where you live, definitely, it would turn out to be a beneficial affair. You never know when there is need for medical emergency. If the hospital is quite close to your home, you will be having an upper edge to get the medical benefits and that too right on time.

Know About the Hospital Staff and Administration

It is necessary that you have detailed information about the medical care and the general attitude of the hospital staff towards the patients. If you are seriously thinking about choosing the best hospital, knowledge about the hospital staff and administration would eventually make the difference. Professional hospital administration will make the things far simpler for you.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and choose the best hospital to add quality treatment and save money also.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Losing Weight With Intentional Effort

In the beginning of January and March, the gym is packed with people trying to lose weight, attempting to fulfill their New Year's resolutions and getting bathing suit ready for spring break; people approach weight loss all different ways - from extreme diets to crazy amounts of exercise - but there is a better (read: easier and more effective) way to approach weight loss, and that is by planning ahead. Losing weight requires intentionality and preparation with a little bit of determination; it may be hard, but you can do it!

The first step to shedding those unwanted pounds will be for you to figure out how many calories you want to consume each day, and then plan out your meals; if you wait until you're ravenously hungry to decide what to eat, you've waited too long and you probably will reach for an unhealthy option, so at the beginning of each week, write out what you are going to eat each day for each meal.

After you have written out your eating plan for the week, it is time to make your grocery list; write out a detailed list of all of the ingredients you will need, and once you are at the grocery store, do not deviate from your list, because sticking to the list is important for you to lose weight! After all, you can't eat the cookies if you did not buy them! Once you return from the store, see what you foods you can prepare in advance, because if you chop your vegetables now, you are more likely to eat them during the week.

Then, as the week progresses, keep track of everything you eat by either keeping a food journal or using a calorie counting app on your phone; if you do not keep yourself accountable, you are more likely to let yourself cheat. And if you make it through the whole week without deviating from your plan, reward yourself; but do not reward yourself with food, because one cookie turns into five! Instead, reward yourself with a new top or a new book - something that you would not ordinarily let yourself buy.

If you remain intentional with your eating, you can lose weight; the key to losing weight is consuming fewer calories, and the best way to ensure you are consuming fewer calories is to plan ahead, so write out your plan, make a list, and then keep track of your progress; this method of meal planning takes effort, but you can do it! There are other things that can help you like an accountability partner or weight loss supplements, but just keep in mind: intentional effort now will pay off with weight loss later.

Monday, June 17, 2013

3 Reasons The Paleo Diet Plan Works

There are a lot of different opinions on what is the ultimate way to lose weight in these modern times. Many look to the latest craze in fitness and others look to find answers in a variety of different options. If you're looking to get fit, enjoy food, and make sure that you are sticking to a plan that will last you a lifetime, you'll have to look into the Paleo diet plan. This option has been really gaining a lot of steam lately, with positive results coming from even the unlikeliest of sources. When you look at the model and how it works, you'll find that there are 3 main reasons that this works every time.

It Eliminates Processed Foods - The first major thing it does it is asks all dieters to take out the processed foods completely. This is going to be rough for some, but it's going to be a necessary step forward to ensure that you're feeling good and seeing results fast. You will find that this is the #1 way to kick start the metabolic rate and really get into gear. You'll feel great, have more energy and start to see things in a new light, just by changing up your view on these things. If you can't do it all at once start slowly and progress to a point where you eat only things that derive naturally.

It Demands Exercise (Lots of It) - The second reason it works is because it relies heavily on exercise. This is something that many people struggle with, but it's not a complicated feat to add to your daily life. With an added boost of energy from your eating habits, you will be able to knock out no less than 30 minutes in the gym with ease. You'll be able to drop the weight faster than ever and truly see a great thing occur. Make sure that you don't skip out on this, or you will not see the results that you want to see.

You Eat When You're Hungry - The best part about this plan is that you eat when you're hungry and when you're not, you simply don't. It's that simple, no timed schedule, and no complicated schedule, just eat whenever your body is telling you it's hungry. When you decide to eat you will need to eat only natural things, things that occur and grow in nature including meats that are grass fed, fowl, and fish. You will also be able to enjoy fruits, vegetables, nuts and more. You will not starve on this plan, which is one of the major, reasons people are enjoying it.

The Paleo diet plan was derived from focusing on why human beings used to be fit, agile, in the past compared to modern man today. Modern humans are tired, chubby, and not fit at all. Changing things up with a new plan of action is always hard, but with this plan the best parts of life are considered and getting fit is easier than ever. Simply look at the reasons above and you'll see why this might be the best diet in the world.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting A Breast Augmentation To Increase Your Self-Confidence

If you are a woman who has always felt less than confident due to your smaller breasts, then you might benefit from a change. A breast augmentation procedure might give you what you need to help you have increased confidence that can roll over into other areas of your life. You might not have the confidence to dress how you feel, speak what you think, and because of this, live freely.

If you desire to live freely, having a breast augmentation could be the key. It might be a step in the right direction of gaining the confidence you need to fulfill your goals. That might be the goal of meeting someone to marry. It might be the goal of getting a promotion at your job. It might just be a desire to be happier. If you feel like this one aspect of yourself is holding you back, then you really should look into the procedure and find a plastic surgeon to help.

Most people do not generally like the idea of surgery. A breast augmentation is a surgery that does have some recovery time. Different doctors have different methods. Some might be better than others. If you are interested in having this procedure done, then you will want to do research into the various methods, and then look for a doctor who participates in these.

It might take some time to find someone that makes you feel at ease. Most places will likely offer a free consultation. Take advantage of this and go to a few doctors. Talk to them, and find out which ones make you feel at ease. It is also important to look at their experience level. You would not want to go with a plastic surgeon that specializes in face-lifts but only does a few augmentations a year.

It is also important to look into the cost of the procedure. Going into debt over something like this will only hurt you in the long run. You are better off saving for the procedure, and paying the amount in full or a few payments. You will probably not get any insurance companies to pay for it.

It is important for you to have the right perspective going into a breast augmentation procedure like this. Do not be surprised if your plastic surgeon asks you questions about your expectations for the procedure. A healthy perspective would be one that says you just want a little boost to your confidence. An unhealthy perspective would expect to be a new person because of the procedure.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oxytocin and Weight Loss: A New Study Reveals Indicators for Possible Breakthrough

Weight loss is one of the most challenging issues for many people. There are so many suggested weight loss formulas and diets, that it is not surprising people become confused over the subject. However, an exciting new animal study has found that the hormone, oxytocin, could be a potential breakthrough weight loss treatment.

New findings

Oxytocin, a reproductive hormone, has been found to regulate food intake and energy metabolism, according to the study[1], which was presented at the Endocrine Society's 94th Annual Meeting on June 24, 2012, in Houston. The study's leaders presented how oxytocin helps initiate uterus contractions in women, and stimulates the milk-producing glands during childbirth. Previous research by the same medical team had also found a link between oxytocin and the body's control over energy intake and use.

"These findings reveal novel anti-obese and anti-metabolic-syndrome effects of oxytocin," said Yuko Maejima Ph.D, an assistant professor in the research department at Jichi Medical University in Shimotsuke, Tochigi, Japan. "Thus, our results provide an avenue for developing an oxytocin-based effective and safe treatment of obesity."

Oxytocin dose led to reduction in food consumption

The study used a group of animals, which were fed a high fat diet in order to reach a certain weight that classified them as obese. The animals were then given an injection of oxytocin for a 17-day period, and were administered further oxytocin through implanted mini pumps for a 13-day period.

The research team found that by administering oxytocin injections, they reduced the amount of food the animals wanted to eat. This led to a loss of body weight during treatment, and for nine days after treatment.

The mini pump administration method also had a number of positive effects on the animals: it reduced liver fat, abdominal fat and improved glucose tolerance. All of these factors are major contributors to the risk of serious heart and blood problems in humans. In addition, the mini pump procedure was found to decrease the size of the animals' fat storage cells.

Safe treatment

The most significant finding was that all of the above were achieved without causing any harm to the animals; blood pressure levels remained the same throughout the procedure, suggesting that the same treatment could be both effective and safe in humans.

Maejima said: "The finding that peripheral oxytocin treatment has no effect on the normal blood-pressure levels or the locomotor activity of this mouse model suggests that oxytocin may not influence the cardiovascular system or emotions."

This study was funded by several significant organizations in Japan, highlighting the strong belief in oxytocin's potential as a breakthrough treatment for weight loss and control in humans. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan; Ichiro Kanehara Foundation; Suzuken Memorial Foundation; Itoe Okamoto scientific award SHISEIKAI; Mochida Memorial Foundation for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; and Takeda Science Foundation all invested in the research.

Major global problem

Obesity remains one of the most harmful causes of numerous diseases in humans, such as heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. It affects people from all over the world. Figures from the World Health Organization indicate that there are currently in excess of 1.4 billion overweight adults in the world, and a worrying 500 million of these people are classified as clinically obese. As rates of obesity have doubled since 1980, the condition remains a huge global problem that is responsible for thousands of premature deaths. The news that oxytocin could be an effective and safe treatment for the condition is a massive breakthrough for the medical industry and could be the solution to many peoples' problems.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Plastic Surgery Benefits for Children and Youth

Plastic surgery has often been associated with vain adults who wish to change the way they look for the sake of vanity. In spite of this, the field has been thriving for several decades already and more innovations and techniques have prompted individuals from both genders to embrace it. These days, the field has been viewed less and less as based on aesthetics but instead has been linked with many psychological benefits as well as physical benefits which are important aspects of humanity and society. Recently, the field has been introduced to children through their parents who see the various benefits that their children can get from it.

Benefits for Kids

Apart from the singular benefit of changing one's appearance, there are also many different advantages of kids getting plastic surgery at a young age. Changing something that is not looked on favorably by peers is one of the obvious advantages of this field. Children are particularly prone to getting hurt, physically and mentally, when their peers have a difficult time accepting the differences in our physical appearances, which makes us unique. Children with buckteeth, cleft palates, big ears and large noses are often the brunt of cruel jokes and bullying, which can have devastating effects on the victims. Having the chance to change how one looks can actually give some relief to the child from the almost daily routine of being the brunt of jokes and bullying. Another benefit that one can get from cosmetic procedures is the self-confidence that one looks similar to other kids and that there is nothing that the others can use against them.

This relief can be palpable for many children who have experienced being teased for their appearance. Looking pretty much like all the others can be a relief and a balm for the children's bruised egos and selves. Getting to choose how one looks like is also another advantage that plastic surgery can bring to children. If one had the chance to choose how one's nose or ears will look like, they can opt for one that they will like or view favorably. The satisfaction of knowing that they look pretty or normal is something that children will be relieved to have. Yet another benefit of the field is brought about by actually being able to have a reconstruction of the part of their bodies that they might not have due to being born this way or some trauma. Some children are born with deformed ears, appendages and other parts of the body. Plastic surgery with reconstruction of both form and function can help give these children a chance at a normal life or something close to it.

These are most of the benefits that children can get from plastic surgery. Parents need to know the risks and possible complications that come with each kind of procedure in order to assess the situation properly and responsibly. Cosmetic surgeons and expert doctors can recommend whether a child is suitable for an operation or not.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free Radicals Vs Antioxidants

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules with an extremely short life span - one millionth of a second. But when one of these steals an electron from another it sets off a chain reaction that creates literally millions of harmful free radicals in a matter of seconds. When electrons are stolen from DNA molecules they can mutate which can lead to certain cancers. Arterial plaque formation occurs when free radicals damage the lipid components in the blood. And finally, by changing their structure thereby compromising their function, proteins are also adversely affected. This damage can lead to such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and also harm the connective tissue which results in skin alteration. Let antioxidant supplements boost your energy level.

But what happens when a free radical steals an electron from an antioxidant? No chain reaction results. The stolen electron becomes a free radical but it does not try to replace its missing electron. This, however, does not mean no more free radicals. As long as we live the body will continue to produce these harmful components. Left unchecked free radicals can multiply in the millions in a matter of seconds leaving the body open to disease which in turn can zap one's energy. Let antioxidant supplements boost your energy level.

When choosing foods high in antioxidants think color - bright color. Berries, especially blueberries and cranberries, are a great source of antioxidants. Other food sources readily available are grape seed and grape skin, olive fruit and green tea to name just a few. Foods rich in vitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, etc. are also high in antioxidants. But because of the way farming is done today such as planting a single crop many times over in the same tract of land or by growing multiple crops in a single growing season can hasten the depletion of essential minerals in the soil thereby rendering the produce less nutritious than generations ago when the world was less populated. Let antioxidant supplements boost your energy level.

Finally in an effort to live a vital and energetic life it is important to not allow ourselves to get run down, eat too much of the wrong foods or get too little sleep. Some of us exercise only sporadically, if at all. Yet with our busy lifestyles these things can happen but we can take control of our lives. Let antioxidant supplements boost your energy level.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Kinds of People Use Hot Yoga?

Yoga is getting hotter and hotter these days. More and more people are jumping into the bandwagon. But don't think that it's just a trend. Hot yoga has long existed, dating back to the 1970s when Bikram Choudhury created a 26-pose yoga routine to be done inside a heated room of 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 percent humidity.

If you're thinking about engaging in hot yoga yourself, but are wondering what kinds of people use this form of yoga, here's some information about this matter.

Fitness buffs

Of course, on top of the list are fitness buffs. These people can't get by a day without working out. Most of them are keen about the intensity of yoga. Regular yoga just don't cut it for them anymore. They're challenged by the heat inside the room and are exhilarated with the immense sweat that they release from this form of yoga. Fitness buffs love how low-impact yoga is but at the same time, the effects are staggering. They're very serious about their workout regimen and they combine it with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

People suffering from pain

Pain is a common complaint among a lot of people. It's probably due to the hectic and demanding lifestyles that we lead in the modern society. Back pain, headache, muscle pains- these are just some of the woes of people today. And yoga is the perfect antidote for it. If you're suffering from any sort of muscle pain, you can get instant relief from hot yoga. The heat inside the room makes the muscles more pliant so that they're less prone to pain. The poses, meanwhile, releases tension and stiffness.

Athletes looking for low-impact exercise

Most athletes are prone to muscle wear and tear. And they're always on the lookout for low- impact exercise that can boost their strength, flexibility and endurance without wearing out their muscles and joints that much. Yoga offers a great opportunity for them, which is why you'll find many athletes enjoying hot yoga.

People who want to lose weight

Hot yoga is a very effective form of weight loss program. Yoga alone can already burn so much fat and calories. If you combine it with heat, expect the results to triple. Doing yoga poses in a heated room makes you sweat like crazy. In just one session, you can already burn up to 1000 calories. Because of this, more and more people who want to lose weight use hot yoga as their weight loss program.

Active pregnant women

Some doctors don't recommend yoga for pregnant women. It's because this can put them at risk of overheating, dehydration and so on. But some active women who have engaged in hot yoga for a long time even before they got pregnant are allowed to do it during pregnancy given that the routine is modified accordingly. So don't be surprised when you find some pregnant women sweating it out inside a yoga studio.

Just about anyone

In truth, there are no specific kinds of people who use hot yoga, as you'll find a wide array of yoga students of all classes, ages, gender, and so on. What are you waiting for? Try hot yoga today!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Convenience of Walk In Clinics

Walk in clinics are so much more convenient than traditional medical offices where appointments must be made well in advance. These facilities are also more user friendly than the frantic emergency rooms of hospitals where the wait time can be excruciatingly long. There are many types of medical needs that can be addressed at these convenient places where highly skilled doctors and nurses are always on duty to assist you.

There isn't always time to schedule a doctor appointment. Either an illness or injury occurs unexpectedly or your schedule is so jam packed that you're not sure when you'll be able to squeeze in a checkup. If your child comes home from school with an earache, calling a pediatrician that afternoon might result in an appointment several days away. Your child can't wait that long. If you drive over to one of the nearby walk in clinics in your area, your child's illness can be taken care of before dinnertime.

If your throat is so sore that you can't even swallow and your family doctor is booked until next week, you may think your only options are going to the emergency room at the local hospital or suffering for days. The last time you went to the ER, you may have waited five hours to finally be seen. By the time you got home, you probably felt even sicker! You don't have to wait until next week to see your MD or wait until midnight at the ER. Instead, you can drive over to one of the walk in clinics in your town and be on the road to recovery in no time.

Walk in clinics aren't just medical facilities to treat injuries and illnesses. You can stroll right in to have a pre-employment exam or have your blood pressure taken. If your football playing teenager needs a pre-season physical, you can have that taken care of without waiting around for an appointment with your family doc. Because there are often labs on the premises, you can get your lab work done right there during your visit.

You don't have to wait around until next week to see your family doctor or spend hours in the emergency room to take care of your health. You can visit one of the walk in clinics in your area and have your needs addressed quickly, professionally, and conveniently. These facilities not only provide top notch healthcare, they also accept most insurance plans.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Your Restaurant Should Invest In A Complimentary Mouthwash Dispenser

What makes a restaurant memorable? Some say it's the fine-tasting food meticulously prepared by an award-winning chef. Others agree that it's the impressive lineup of rare wines and delicacies. It may be the lovely ambience that sets the patrons' mood for enjoying good food and great company. Others are impressed by lovely d├ęcors and the exquisite china and beautiful bouquets on the table. Perhaps, it's the impeccable customer service that make each meal special and worth repeating.

Restaurant critics or food writers may have their own criteria for judging a food establishment. For instance, the gastronomic bible Zagat does reviews and rating on restaurants based on survey results. A popular food critic says he is "always looking for careful cooking, attention to details, fair value and, of course, deliciousness." How about your target customers? Do you think you can decipher their guidelines when choosing their favorite dining places? Would you think it crazy that your restaurant can also be rated well based on the complimentary mouthwash dispenser in the restrooms?

Whether your restaurant attracts diners who love to explore exotic cuisine or people who crave comfort food, you should remember that your task as a restaurant owner is not merely to sell food or beverages. Your main goal as a restaurateur is to create memorable experiences for your diners. Dining is a multi-sensory experience-it's not only about what you're tasting; your enjoyment of food is also about what you're seeing, hearing and feeling. A meal is all about the seasonings as much as the conversation that takes place at the dining table. And in the restaurant setting, it's also often about the small details that matter.

One restaurant chain is starting to add complimentary mouthwash, a service you might not associate with a quick casual restaurant. It's a little touch that you can also use to level up your customer's dining experience. Be careful, however, when choosing the brand of mouthwash. The mouthwash is alcohol free and has no ingredients that may trigger allergies or side effects. Their mouthwash dispenser is tamper-proof, a necessity to ensure a clean and efficient service.

This mouthwash concept is a simple, practical gesture that leaves a huge impression on your customers. It's a small way of saying that their personal convenience and satisfaction is your top priority. They'll make their way back to the table feeling refreshed and extra clean. They'll feel much more confident continuing their conversation with their companions or proceeding to their next appointment of the day. Most of all, they won't shy away from delicious and aromatic dishes due to fear of bad breath. Good times and good food: who knew you could ensure these with the help of the humble mouthwash?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 Tips for Long Lasting Wellness

The new year should always be about a fresh start. Whether in the form of personal goals, financial goals or health related changes, people like to push a restart button on their lives at the beginning of the year.

Health and wellness usually tops the list for new goals. Making weight loss and dietary changes usually starts with strong intentions of slimming down and getting fit but the intentions often fade away slowly once the hard work has to really start. Here are a few tips to contribute to long term success when working towards health and wellness goals.

Dietary- If your goal was centered around cutting calories or eliminating certain types of foods you should adopt a plan to make it easy on yourself. Be careful when going cold turkey with eliminating foods that you have been eating a lot of in the recent past. Take sugar as an example. If you typically eat throughout the day, every day, you can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, irritability and strong cravings if you suddenly remove sweets from your diet. Have a plan to cut out the sugar over time as opposed to all at once. Give yourself a week or two to wean your body off the sugar.

Exercise-Getting to the gym may be the new goal that you set for yourself but keeping to a strict workout schedule can be tough to keep up. A variety of factors can easily throw you off track work, children, and travel schedules can change your gym routine just as soon as you get into a good workout groove. If you miss a day or two it's not the end of the world and you can even burn some calories away from the gym during daily activity like the following:

· Parking farther away from the store instead of closest spot you can find.

· Entering stores from the opposite end from where you know you will be shopping and checking out.

· Performing tension (isotonic) exercises while driving where you squeeze your abs or another muscle group in the car.

These are all easy ways to burn calories without going to the gym and you won't even go out of your way to do it.

Stress reduction- Stress is a touted as the silent killer and leads to high rates of heart disease and hyper tension in our society. Managing stress is essential to reducing the stress hormones that are released and cause damage to cells in the body. Using some form of daily stress relief can do wonders for your overall health and make you feel good at the same time. Massage therapy, mediation and prayer are all great ways to balance the stress that comes with everyday life. Practice deep, full breathing while you are falling asleep at night or even when you are showering. Studies have shown that deep focused breaths can improve overall mood and decrease blood pressure.

Adopting small changes to accomplish large goals usually works out better in the long run. Remember that any positive change, albeit large or small, is a change in the right direction and will help you reach your overall health goals.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Breast Reduction for Men - Regaining Confidence in Front of Others

You don't hear anyone talking about breast reduction for men in the locker room. You aren't going to overhear a conversation about this around the table at poker night, at halftime during the big game or even while guys are just sitting around hanging out. Just like women, guys also tent to struggle with appearance and how their peers view them. Once the opportunity presents itself, there is a chance that an individual can regain some of the confidence he has lost over time.

Locker Rooms

When everyone is changing together in the locker room, some guys can't help but feel self-conscious. Even if others don't bring attention to the issue or even look too long, it becomes obvious when members need to look into a breast reduction for men. It tends to be tough to look around and see that everyone else looks differently. Unlike women, it is perfectly acceptable for males to walk around without a shirt on.

Exercises Don't Help

Much like other cosmetic procedures, patients often work hard at the gym and changing their diets in an attempt to change their bodies. When it comes to a breast reduction for men, exercises can't always help. No matter how many exercises and lifts are done that focus on the pectoral region of the chest, "man boobs," may not go away. Instead, the rest of the body might change and transform but the chest remains the same. This can be frustrating for someone that is feeling awkward.

Surgical Transformation

Once the breast reduction for men is complete, over time a main continues to look at himself and be happier with the man he sees in the mirror. It takes time for patients to recover and the swelling to go down. It could take a few weeks to look and feel well enough to allow someone else to see the results of the operation. A man may feel more confident at the gym, at home, and even while at work. Struggling with excess tissue in the chest region doesn't just show when a man has his shirt off. It also shows through his clothing.

Are you interested in a breast reduction for men? Talk to your plastic surgeon today to find out if you are a candidate. You can get more information about how the procedure works, how much it costs and what type of scarring you can expect to see. Once you have those things worked out, consider talking about the amount of downtime that you will need to have once the operation is over. Remember that the body must rest and recover in order to heal.

Don't put this appointment off. Instead, talk to someone today and start making the changes that you have been longing for.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nighttime Eating

Tell me if this has happened to you. You start out the day doing just great on your nutrition. You have your five healthy small meals all day with your last meal around 5 pm. Great day as you have feed your body properly with good healthy foods, just one problem. At around 8 pm you eat half-dozen cookies and a large bag of chips before you go to bed.

What went wrong? Why were you so hungry that you pigged out at night? The problem comes down to a lack of fuel. People who eat way too much at night need to look closely at their eating pattern. They just simply are not eating enough during the day, which leads to a desire to eat at night.

So how do you fix this nighttime snacking problem? You start by making sure you are eating up to two-thirds of a day's total calories before dinnertime. If you are not meeting your energy needs during the day then your body will push you to eat at night and that is the perfect scenario for gaining fat. What you need to do is switch around the "normal American eating habit" of having a big dinner to eating most of your daily calories during the day. Have a bigger breakfast and lunch which will give your body the fuel it needs and then have a small dinner. Eating more of your daily calories earlier will guarantee that you will not only fuel your body properly, but also burn off most of the calories you eat and not leave you feeling hungry at night.

It amazes me that we have it so backwards. We should have our biggest meal of the day in the morning when we need all these calories to get through the day and our metabolism is at its highest; and our smallest meal in the evening when we are done with the day and headed to bed and our metabolism is at its lowest. I mean when is the worst time to eat? At night yet this is when our culture has decided that we need to eat the most. Just does not make sense.

It is no wonder we cannot lose weight and continue to get fatter. We are taking in large amounts of calories right before we go to sleep. Our body does not need all the calories we just ate to function properly so it stores them for use later as fat.

So what can you do to help change this habit of eating big late in the day?

First make sure you eat breakfast. Most people skip breakfast because they are in a hurry to get to work, school, or out the door for what they need to do that day. You just got up, are not that hungry anyway (and this is because you ate so much late last night, if you eat light at night trust me you will be hungry when you wake up) so it is easy to skip it. I usually eat my Shakeology for breakfast on days I am in a big hurry to get out the door. It is fast and gives me everything I need in one glass to start the day. Over time I have created a new habit of getting up earlier and making the whole family a good breakfast and now we have a good breakfast most mornings instead of the quick chaos of running out the door.

Second eat your two daily snacks. This is important to make sure you do not get too hungry and over eat at the next meal. It is especially important for the afternoon snack as this is a key to making sure you will not be "starving" by the time you get home and want that huge dinner you are used to eating. Another benefit you will find is that you will not be so tired when you get home if you have had a small afternoon snack as your energy level has stayed up and is not crashing as you end your day.

Third plan a small dinner. This is easier than you think. We have sandwich night and leftover night all the time as it is not only what our bodies really want (something small to keep you going) but works with our crazy schedule of running all over the place for kid activities and social obligations. Once you get over the guilt of feeling like you have to have a big dinner planned for the family at night it actually works better for everyone.

The other reasons for eating late besides the habit of the big meal also need to be looked at. One is the emotional reasons for eating late. Food is used as a way to relax at night, as a source of entertainment, and also as a distraction. Another is that we associate eating with watching TV or working on the computer. To overcome these reasons for eating late you can try the following:

  • Many people snack at night because they're bored. Keep your evenings interesting and you'll find it easier to stop snacking. Take a night class, take a walk, workout (this one works great), find a hobby, etc. The idea is to keep busy and you will be surprised how much fun you start to have.

  • If you've gotten into the habit of eating in front of the television then decide to eat only healthy snacks or limit your eating to the kitchen or dining room.

  • If you must snack late make it something healthy and not the high fat, high sugar snack you are used to.

Eating late is as much a habit and cultural norm than anything else. In order to change it you are going to have to work at it to begin with until you develop the new, healthier, skinnier, habit of eating lite or not at all at night. I've stated it before in other post that the easiest thing to do to start losing weight is to not eat late at night. It goes against our cultural norm, but it works.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choosing the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

A Hemorrhoid treatment will help you deal with your condition. This can be disgusting for many reasons but there is no need to feel sad or upset. Start by learning what this is about and proceed with ease. You need to spot the best treatment that will soothe your symptoms. Hemorrhoid treatment solutions are not so hard to cope with. For instance, you will find creams, pills, capsules and other items that will surely reverse your problem. Read on and discover how to reduce risks of contracting future conditions.

In case you didn't know, hemorrhoids are known as vascular tissues that are located in your rectum duct. This appears in the form of swelling and inflammation. This is supposed to cushion your anal canal through connective tissues. There are different alternatives on the market and this is why you need to stick to the best Hemorrhoid treatment. For this, consult with an expert and get the right diagnosis. After a few examinations, your physician will be able to handle a good prescription. You need to follow the entire Hemorrhoid treatment thoroughly. Failure to do so may lead to other complications. It is time to put an end to your disgusting condition.

Remain patient and follow the best Hemorrhoid treatment from the beginning until you feel cured. Before you know it, you will be performing your daily activities without a single issue. As far as types are concerned, there are different types of hemorrhoids: internal and external ones. Internal conditions tend to generate more symptoms. According to evidence, some individuals experience constipation and abs pressure. Take control of your condition and opt for the right Hemorrhoid treatment.

Unfortunately, you need to remain patient. An advanced solution will most likely help you soothe your signs and symptoms. Many medical experts claim that sophisticated Hemorrhoid treatment alternatives consist of ultrasonic sound tones are quite effective. Yet, some treatments tend to be expensive. Most conditions are gone after a few weeks. Time management is relevant. You cannot ignore specific measures that are important to prevent a recurring disease. Look after hygiene patterns and start eating healthy foods.

As soon as you start following an effective Hemorrhoid treatment, you will begin to notice results. You shouldn't compromise your vital organs. Traditional incision procedures are effective and place patients in recovery for approximately two weeks. You just need to rest for 2 days or so. This may be quite a great alternative. Analyze pros and cons of each treatment and select with ease. Don't rush onto any decision, read as many testimonials and reviews as you can. You will most likely reach a suitable treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exercising Through Injury for Better Health

When we are injured sometimes it's easy to feel like we are missing out. We sit on the sidelines missing out on fun activities with our friends and family, or we don't get to do our regular workouts that make us feel good. Usually, it's not until we are hurt that we realize how much we've been taking our good health for granted.

Learning to listen to our bodies, tending to our ailments and respecting the time needed to rest and repair damage is both an art and a skill. But, even if you're on the sidelines from activities that you LIKE to do... Chances are there is still something that you CAN do to keep moving safely.

The typical time off for an injury, and most surgeries is 6-8 weeks. Of course this is completely at the discretion of your doctor. So if you're currently in the midst of a pain, injury or recovering from surgery PLEASE - get clearance from your health care provider to know when it's safe for you to start moving and what types of activities are OK for you both now and in the future.

If we "hurt" and stop moving, we get stiffer and weaker. We have to move our muscles to keep the body strong. We have to work every muscle and joint through a full range of motion to maintain flexibility. We have to eat well to nourish our cells to regenerate the body from the inside out. Stop doing all of this and you will never feel better, only worse

I'm going to use myself as an inspirational example to illustrate how to creatively workout around your limitations to stay active and healthy. I've been injured probably more than I've been 100% healthy in my life - but I've always managed to stay active. It's not only our physical health that takes a beating when we stop moving, but mentally and psychologically we can quickly psych ourselves out of a healthy, happy attitude about life. When I can't exercise... that's when I'm grumpy and miserable. But there have been many weeks, months and even years of my life where pain and injury have caused my active lifestyle to come to a screeching halt.

Here are examples from my life of injuries and illnesses that I have had to cope with and how I managed to exercise and come out healthier on the other side of these incidents:

As a child I had lower back pain because of congenital bone deformities & instability. Exercise kept my back strong - lack of activity throws my back out!

  • Gymnastics and Dance probably saved my back and kept me strong as a child.
  • Pilates training has made a HUGE difference because it increases deep core strength, posture and back support.
  • Practicing good posture & breathing habits, Pilates, weight-training and good functional movement for exercise, along with an occasional Chiropractic adjustment, or massage keeps my back healthy and pain-free.

At age 14 I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my ankles. I was in so much pain, even when I walked. My bones were pounding together because I had no cushion between them. I ignored the problem for 2-3 years, until I seriously thought I'd be in a wheelchair by 30.

  • First I took 1 year off from ALL impact activities. This included gymnastics, which was my passion.
  • I took up swimming and weight training in order to workout without pounding on my feet.
  • Because I was young, after a year my ankles stopped hurting. I was able to take on impact exercises again. With no foot pain, I pursued a degree in Dance (you have to JUMP to dance) and ran my first ½ Marathon at age 45.
  • At 47 I now jog 2-4 miles at least twice a week with healthy feet.
  • Today, I am enthusiastic about foot fitness because I know first-hand the importance of healthy feet.

While I was exercising I experienced a torn abdominal muscle that took 10+ years to fully heal!

  • During the acute stage of this injury, for months, I could not sit up, roll over or even carry my car keys.
  • I worked up to being able to "exercise" through breathing & meditation, plus time in the Sauna to work up a sweat.
  • I progressed to walking in the pool and eventually swimming.
  • Then I moved to walking on land.
  • Eventually Pilates & Weight Training then back to full activities without fear of re-injury.

Most recently, I have what is called Optic Neuritis, which is inflammation of the Optic Nerve. I have been "blind" in either my right or left eye 3 times! Aside from not being able to see, the pressure causes extreme headaches, and the treatment is high-dose steroids which results in extreme weight gain and puffy moon face. The first time this happened my weight skyrocketed, I went from a size 8 to a size 16! My doctor advised that impact activities or heavy weights could tear my muscles and ligaments away from my bones while on the dosage I had to take for this medial issue.

  • At the time of my last "flare" I was running regularly, and lifting heavy weights 2-3 days/week. Both contra-indicated for my health issues.
  • I switched from running to walking and elliptical (non-impact).
  • I continued "lifting" weights but put on the lightest weight possible (5 - 15lbs) and focused on form in order to stay consistent with my workouts.
  • I had to avoid ALL head lower than my heart activities to reduce pressure on my eye. (i.e. NO upside down exercises)
  • I regularly practiced meditation. On steroids I could not sleep and averaged 1-2 hours of sleep per night for almost 9 months. Meditation helped me feel rested, even though I wasn't sleeping.
  • I actually had to go on a "Detox" program to get off steroids and resolve the inflammation to restore my eyesight. Luckily, while the optic nerve has been damaged, I can still see!
  • Diet & nutrition have played an important part in reducing the amount of "inflammation" in my system to get and stay healthy.

These are 4 completely different problems; a birth defect, an overuse injury, an accident and a medical condition and I was able to breath and move my way through them. Regardless of the problem, chances are there is something you can do that will be safe for your body. Doing nothing will never help you feel better.

Even though I would prefer to be in excellent health all the time, each of these health set-backs were an opportunity for me to do something different. I now see them as an opportunity where I was able to learn important skills that I now use in my regular exercise routine.

Despite all of these health issues, I am almost 50 and jogging, lifting heavy weights, doing Pilates and even handstands and indoor skydiving. I incorporate lots of high impact and head-down training that involves healthy feet, a strong core and a good lower back. We are only limited by the limitations that we place on ourselves. Many physical aches, pains and injuries can be made better with the right exercises in the right training program.

We all have our own unique health issues and suffer from injuries and accidents that get in the way of our wellness program. The challenge is not letting your "issues" get in the way, but use them as a springboard to learn new strategies for your "bag of tricks" to maintain your good health.

During your injury, what creative solutions or new activities can you incorporate into your workouts to keep moving at an appropriate pace in order for you to progress back to 100 percent healthy? If you're not sure, seek professional advice to start crafting a plan to get you back to optimal health.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Improve Your Energy By Using Simple Pre Workout Techniques

Working out and sweating unwanted fat takes more than just going to the gym for an hour and forgetting about it the whole day. Maybe this works for some people, but don't expect too much when it comes to results such as losing weight, increased energy, and many others.

What most people think, especially those who are not familiar with the proper workout techniques, is that exercising is just moving your body until you sweat or doing simple routines. There may be some simple routines involved particularly for newbie bodybuilders and athletes, but you must realize that there are also pre and post activities involved.

The following pre workout tips and advices may be simple, but they can benefit your workout routines toward a positive result:

[1] Don't skip breakfast and other major meals of the day

Simple enough, but very effective especially if you are doing intense trainings. There's just no point of going to the gym with an empty stomach. So, don't even try it. If you are afraid of gaining a little weight just because you eat three full meals a day, you are wrong. It is in the selection of food and ingredients you prepare that matters. Avoiding unhealthy food is more important than skipping meals.

[2] Choose food items that are high in energy

Examples are nuts, apples, berries, cheese, milk, and grains. It is better if you prepare meals with any of these food items to help boost your energy throughout the day.

[3] Regular pre workout activities in the morning or before you go to the gym

Simple exercises and activities you can do at home can be considered pre workouts. You can maw the lawn, rake the leaves, do some laps, sweep the floor, climb up and down the stairs, brisk walking, jogging, and many others. Too simple, and yet can be very effective when waking up your senses and muscles. Do any of these pre workout activities for fifteen minutes every morning or a few hours before you go to the gym. You will feel energized and ready for more activities during the day.

[4] Take proper supplement if it is recommended for you

Taking proper supplementation is part of gaining energy, muscles and endurance especially for athletes and bodybuilders. They engage in more intense workouts than most people, so they require more nutrients to utilize and facilitate their daily routines. It is said that one can do without the supplements, but not every food you'll eat will contain enough nutrients that can boost optimum energy levels. A pre workout supplement is usually recommended to cover the needed elements for improving muscle recovery, energy replenishment, and fat burning process.

It is true that nothing will work for a person if all of the elements of working out are not properly implemented. There is always integration between the food you eat, choice of exercise, supplementation, and preparation.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Alternative Medicine Therapies and the Modern Era

Recurring health problems like back problems can be treated with alternative medicines. Many alternative medicine practitioners, like chiropractors, are licensed to conduct procedures for those wanting to try something new.

Back problems have long been a problem of many adults and the elderly. Back pains are common among adults since the body wears down as time passes. Alternative medicines and therapy can treat these types of conditions and provide relief.

There are several alternative therapies and they all claim to treat your illnesses via non-conventional ways.

Here is a rundown on some of these alternative therapies:

- Acupuncture

This alternative therapy involves the use of needles inserted into "acupuncture points" around the body. Practitioners believe that acupuncture points are also the nerves that, when stimulated using the needles, can correct imbalances within the body. They consider health ailments to be the result of an imbalance in the body's chi flow, the life energy that is supposedly the driving force in every living thing. The therapy originated from China, based on ancient Chinese medicine relying heavily on natural remedies.

- Herbal Medicine

Although already considered as a legitimate medicine therapy, several branches of herbalism are still under clinical trials today.

One kind is aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine where smoke, essences, and aromas from plants are believed to treat certain ailments. The aromas can be inhaled when dispersed in the surrounding environment, inhaled directly, or applied on the body during massages and the like.

Another one is the shamanic or spiritual use of herbs to treat people. Many societies believe and still practice this form of medicine. Practitioners may "purge" you of your ailment by waving the herbs around your body, or by making you ingest the herbs.

- Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that believes in vitalism, a vital energy or force is supposedly behind bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, adaptation, and growth. This approach believes in the healing powers of natural things like the food we eat, sunlight, fresh air, water, the heat, and the cold.

- Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that believes improper functioning of the nerves causes us to be sick. It is a system of treating bodily disorders by working and manipulating the spine and other body parts. The body's neuromusculoskeletal system is usually involved in the diagnosis and treatment process in this therapy.

Spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustment, is the most common type of chiropractic care. The spine area undergoes manual therapy. The therapy is sort of a combination of body stretches and massages. The spine, or the affected body part, gets stretched a little bit beyond its normal range of motion without dislocating or damaging it. Chiropractors apply a sudden force, either by a dynamic thrust or by a strike that releases a clicking or snapping sound. The thrust is believed to have physiological effects, sending signals to the nerves and the nerves, in turn, fixes whatever is wrong in that area.

Although these methods are not scientifically proven to a great extent, many people who have experienced these procedures claim that they are effective.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY Injuries

Injuries from power tools are commonly caused by people's ignorance and carelessness when using such dangerous tools. Most people will relate to the situation when they are using a tool they have used many times before without any problems so they do not pay much attention when using it and even the slightest distraction can cause a drill to move and seriously cut yourself, then leading to severance of fingers. Distractions are not the only cause of these problems as faulty machinery could cause you serious damaged as well. Your 'trusty' drill you have been using for 10 years may malfunction the next time you use it so to prevent accidents like this happened it is highly recommended you make sure all of your power tools are in fantastic condition.

Quite a lot of injuries are caused by people not installing equipment or items correctly. A perfect example is a shelf which may seem to be installed correctly when in fact it is an accident waiting to happen. When putting up a shelf there is a huge importance placed around making sure it is attached to the wall correctly. To ensure this you need to ensure you are drilling into the wall far enough to make the shelf sturdy and secure. In addition to this with new houses plaster board is often used instead of cinder blocks or brick meaning when you go to attach something to the wall you are only securing the shelf a wall which is extremely thin and not very secure meaning your shelf will eventually fall. To prevent this happening to you in the future when installing a shelf on plaster board you need to find the wooden beams behind the plaster board. These will provide the secure wall you need to install a shelf correctly.

One of the biggest causes of injuries relating to DIY involves the use of ladders/stepladders with over 41,000 people being hospitalized each year due to this. Death is sometimes the result of this when some people fall from the heights of the guttering. With many types of ladders available on the market there is a great importance placed around having the correct ladder for the correct job. Traditional wooden ladders are nearly obsolete now due to how unsafe they are, these ladders easily move on flat surfaces meaning you should not be using one. Having the right size ladder is also important because you do not want to be stretching on a ladder.

DIY safety is something you need to take seriously as some accidents are life changing and your house will still need the DIY work doing. Safety equipment will also be required so make sure you take every possible precaution whilst performing DIY.