Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Your Restaurant Should Invest In A Complimentary Mouthwash Dispenser

What makes a restaurant memorable? Some say it's the fine-tasting food meticulously prepared by an award-winning chef. Others agree that it's the impressive lineup of rare wines and delicacies. It may be the lovely ambience that sets the patrons' mood for enjoying good food and great company. Others are impressed by lovely d├ęcors and the exquisite china and beautiful bouquets on the table. Perhaps, it's the impeccable customer service that make each meal special and worth repeating.

Restaurant critics or food writers may have their own criteria for judging a food establishment. For instance, the gastronomic bible Zagat does reviews and rating on restaurants based on survey results. A popular food critic says he is "always looking for careful cooking, attention to details, fair value and, of course, deliciousness." How about your target customers? Do you think you can decipher their guidelines when choosing their favorite dining places? Would you think it crazy that your restaurant can also be rated well based on the complimentary mouthwash dispenser in the restrooms?

Whether your restaurant attracts diners who love to explore exotic cuisine or people who crave comfort food, you should remember that your task as a restaurant owner is not merely to sell food or beverages. Your main goal as a restaurateur is to create memorable experiences for your diners. Dining is a multi-sensory experience-it's not only about what you're tasting; your enjoyment of food is also about what you're seeing, hearing and feeling. A meal is all about the seasonings as much as the conversation that takes place at the dining table. And in the restaurant setting, it's also often about the small details that matter.

One restaurant chain is starting to add complimentary mouthwash, a service you might not associate with a quick casual restaurant. It's a little touch that you can also use to level up your customer's dining experience. Be careful, however, when choosing the brand of mouthwash. The mouthwash is alcohol free and has no ingredients that may trigger allergies or side effects. Their mouthwash dispenser is tamper-proof, a necessity to ensure a clean and efficient service.

This mouthwash concept is a simple, practical gesture that leaves a huge impression on your customers. It's a small way of saying that their personal convenience and satisfaction is your top priority. They'll make their way back to the table feeling refreshed and extra clean. They'll feel much more confident continuing their conversation with their companions or proceeding to their next appointment of the day. Most of all, they won't shy away from delicious and aromatic dishes due to fear of bad breath. Good times and good food: who knew you could ensure these with the help of the humble mouthwash?

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