Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Convenience of Walk In Clinics

Walk in clinics are so much more convenient than traditional medical offices where appointments must be made well in advance. These facilities are also more user friendly than the frantic emergency rooms of hospitals where the wait time can be excruciatingly long. There are many types of medical needs that can be addressed at these convenient places where highly skilled doctors and nurses are always on duty to assist you.

There isn't always time to schedule a doctor appointment. Either an illness or injury occurs unexpectedly or your schedule is so jam packed that you're not sure when you'll be able to squeeze in a checkup. If your child comes home from school with an earache, calling a pediatrician that afternoon might result in an appointment several days away. Your child can't wait that long. If you drive over to one of the nearby walk in clinics in your area, your child's illness can be taken care of before dinnertime.

If your throat is so sore that you can't even swallow and your family doctor is booked until next week, you may think your only options are going to the emergency room at the local hospital or suffering for days. The last time you went to the ER, you may have waited five hours to finally be seen. By the time you got home, you probably felt even sicker! You don't have to wait until next week to see your MD or wait until midnight at the ER. Instead, you can drive over to one of the walk in clinics in your town and be on the road to recovery in no time.

Walk in clinics aren't just medical facilities to treat injuries and illnesses. You can stroll right in to have a pre-employment exam or have your blood pressure taken. If your football playing teenager needs a pre-season physical, you can have that taken care of without waiting around for an appointment with your family doc. Because there are often labs on the premises, you can get your lab work done right there during your visit.

You don't have to wait around until next week to see your family doctor or spend hours in the emergency room to take care of your health. You can visit one of the walk in clinics in your area and have your needs addressed quickly, professionally, and conveniently. These facilities not only provide top notch healthcare, they also accept most insurance plans.

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