Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY Injuries

Injuries from power tools are commonly caused by people's ignorance and carelessness when using such dangerous tools. Most people will relate to the situation when they are using a tool they have used many times before without any problems so they do not pay much attention when using it and even the slightest distraction can cause a drill to move and seriously cut yourself, then leading to severance of fingers. Distractions are not the only cause of these problems as faulty machinery could cause you serious damaged as well. Your 'trusty' drill you have been using for 10 years may malfunction the next time you use it so to prevent accidents like this happened it is highly recommended you make sure all of your power tools are in fantastic condition.

Quite a lot of injuries are caused by people not installing equipment or items correctly. A perfect example is a shelf which may seem to be installed correctly when in fact it is an accident waiting to happen. When putting up a shelf there is a huge importance placed around making sure it is attached to the wall correctly. To ensure this you need to ensure you are drilling into the wall far enough to make the shelf sturdy and secure. In addition to this with new houses plaster board is often used instead of cinder blocks or brick meaning when you go to attach something to the wall you are only securing the shelf a wall which is extremely thin and not very secure meaning your shelf will eventually fall. To prevent this happening to you in the future when installing a shelf on plaster board you need to find the wooden beams behind the plaster board. These will provide the secure wall you need to install a shelf correctly.

One of the biggest causes of injuries relating to DIY involves the use of ladders/stepladders with over 41,000 people being hospitalized each year due to this. Death is sometimes the result of this when some people fall from the heights of the guttering. With many types of ladders available on the market there is a great importance placed around having the correct ladder for the correct job. Traditional wooden ladders are nearly obsolete now due to how unsafe they are, these ladders easily move on flat surfaces meaning you should not be using one. Having the right size ladder is also important because you do not want to be stretching on a ladder.

DIY safety is something you need to take seriously as some accidents are life changing and your house will still need the DIY work doing. Safety equipment will also be required so make sure you take every possible precaution whilst performing DIY.

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