Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Losing Weight With Intentional Effort

In the beginning of January and March, the gym is packed with people trying to lose weight, attempting to fulfill their New Year's resolutions and getting bathing suit ready for spring break; people approach weight loss all different ways - from extreme diets to crazy amounts of exercise - but there is a better (read: easier and more effective) way to approach weight loss, and that is by planning ahead. Losing weight requires intentionality and preparation with a little bit of determination; it may be hard, but you can do it!

The first step to shedding those unwanted pounds will be for you to figure out how many calories you want to consume each day, and then plan out your meals; if you wait until you're ravenously hungry to decide what to eat, you've waited too long and you probably will reach for an unhealthy option, so at the beginning of each week, write out what you are going to eat each day for each meal.

After you have written out your eating plan for the week, it is time to make your grocery list; write out a detailed list of all of the ingredients you will need, and once you are at the grocery store, do not deviate from your list, because sticking to the list is important for you to lose weight! After all, you can't eat the cookies if you did not buy them! Once you return from the store, see what you foods you can prepare in advance, because if you chop your vegetables now, you are more likely to eat them during the week.

Then, as the week progresses, keep track of everything you eat by either keeping a food journal or using a calorie counting app on your phone; if you do not keep yourself accountable, you are more likely to let yourself cheat. And if you make it through the whole week without deviating from your plan, reward yourself; but do not reward yourself with food, because one cookie turns into five! Instead, reward yourself with a new top or a new book - something that you would not ordinarily let yourself buy.

If you remain intentional with your eating, you can lose weight; the key to losing weight is consuming fewer calories, and the best way to ensure you are consuming fewer calories is to plan ahead, so write out your plan, make a list, and then keep track of your progress; this method of meal planning takes effort, but you can do it! There are other things that can help you like an accountability partner or weight loss supplements, but just keep in mind: intentional effort now will pay off with weight loss later.

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