Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Other Headache Triggers

Electromagnetic Stress is a term used to describe the negative effects of electromagnetic emissions from broadband, wi-fi, cordless phones, computers, phone masts, satellite dishes, fluorescent lights, mobile phones and microwaves.

The brain operates by electrical signals, the heart works with it's own electrical signals. All the above give off an electromagnetic signal - which signal is going to win?

Let me give you just one example. Ever gone into a supermarket, stood in the first aisle and felt confused, panicky or totally forgetful of why you went there in the first place? Flourescent lights give off EMFs that interfere with the brain and sometimes the sight. The constant flickering can also trigger a migraine. Your brain is confused - which signal is it tuning-in to? No wonder we get headaches when we are exposed to uber-bright lights and strip lighting!

To avoid these EMF side-effects, try to avoid standing directly under fluorescent lighting for long (or at all, if possible)! Interestingly, Asperger's sufferers cottoned on to this some time ago and there are websites where you can buy special tinted glasses that filter out the damaging light signals that trigger the panic, the blurring, the confusion, dyslexia and migraines. They are rather expensive though!

The modern spiral long-life bulbs are just as bad as fluorescent strip lights for their EMF signals. Use ordinary lightbulbs where possible. If you cannot find them in the shops, you can order them off the world-wide web but they may be described as heat lamps!

Then we have computers and the like. Aids that can help range from Amethyst (to help "mop up" some of the EMF), bands you can wear with a chip that is tuned to the frequency of the computer so only the "good guy" wins the signal battle, flower essences that match the vibrational frequency energetically, a "charged" card that operates much like the band and chip and multi-minerals that do a nutritional mop-up job. Try to avoid working in front of a computer for long periods, take regular breaks. Headphones enhance negative effects of EMF so try to avoid those, too.

Turn your w-fi off at the plug at least at night - let your brain rest properly! Don't sleep next to an electrical alarm and do not have your mobile in the room! Also consider using a chipped band to protect you from outside EMF!

If you have to work under fluorescent or long-life coil lighting, you can help yourself by using clear green or pale blue acetates over anything you may need to be reading from, (for example, notes in a meeting). They will take the glare off the page and you will think more clearly as a result.

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