Saturday, October 19, 2013

Western Medical And Non-Surgical Approaches To Low Back Pain

"Why does my back hurt?" There are various reasons for low back discomfort, pain and tightness and so many natural health, Western Medicine approaches and other complementary and alternative strategies to fix or cure them.

Most patients with lower back discomfort are usually unathletic or just out of shape physically so poorly strengthened muscles will often lead to the spinal vertebrae becoming weaker. Stretching and strengthening your muscles of your upper, mid and lower back muscles will often relieve discomfort and tightness.

Most patients with lower back pain will often discover a pinched nerve in lower back or a herniated or bulging disc. A cross-sampling of any population will show that about 59% of patients at any given period in their lives will show a mild disc herniation and are free from pain symptoms so a bulging disc does not always cause discomfort.

Often the most superficial layer that covers the ligaments and muscles is the fascia. Fascia can be rigid like a pair of frozen leggings that is wrapped around your entire body. Simple stretching and restorative yoga often help this tight feeling that is the cause of pain and inflexibility. Avoid vigorous yoga if you are unathletic or out of shape. Start with a simple easy beginner yoga class so you can safely learn the poses.

Those who are very athletic often do not stretch enough prior to a workout session and can often injure muscles such as the quads. Having a thorough stretching or yoga practice before a tough workout is paramount to the prevention of injury.

Improper rest and interrupted sleep can also cause tightness when muscles are not allowed to repair themselves during the deeper stages of rest. Making sure you have proper rest often reduces low back discomfort.

Many people do not know the body mechanics involves in lifting properly and this often results in back pain. When you carry a large object, always make sure to bend at your knees in order to make your hamstring, quads and calves do the main task of lifting. This will take pressure off of your low back. You can even attempt to wear a safety lifting harness that wraps around your waist. Heat can often allieve the tightness so soaking in a hot bathtub, jacuzzi or steam room can be an ultra relaxing way to relieve an aching back.

Massage therapy is a popular way to relieve discomfort. If a professional massage at a fancy spa is out of your budget, you should do self massage techniques such as putting your prone body on top of tennis balls that are put inside of a sock, a massage chair or a back self-massager.

Atrophied ligaments can also destabalize your body's alignment, which often result in imbalance. Prolotherapy is an unknown technique which is essentially reconstruction of ligaments from a sugar solution that is inserted into the ligaments in order to repair them. Prolotherapy invokes an inflammation response which leads to a response to build more ligaments in order to strengthen and stabilize the joints. This process often takes as long as 5 weeks to notice the benefits and multiple sessions are usually needed.

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