Thursday, October 3, 2013

Abdominoplasty Through a C-Section Scar

Some women fear what pregnancy will do to their bodies. They accept the stages of the experience and they look forward to the baby that comes as a result of the gestation and birthing process, but the don't want to struggle with their weight thereafter. They especially don't want to find it 10, 20, or 30 times harder to lose fat, excess skin or tone up around their mid-section. This is when strong consideration of the abdominoplasty procedure comes in top their conversations about their post-baby weight loss. Yes, this popular form of plastic surgery is ideal for men and women who have lost a considerable to a large amount of weight and are struggling with excess subcutaneous fat and skin that has lost much of its natural elasticity around their mid-section and even women whose ab middles have split during early and quick growth during their pregnancy. But what about the women whose ab muscles split or didn't split but they required a cesarean section for the delivery of their child or children. Their ab muscles won't bounce back, the skin is protruding and/or hanging and she's losing confidence that she will be able to change it with a set of DVDs and will power. There is so much more she wants to do in life besides work on her unresponsive abdomen.

The good news is that women who have had a C-section can absolutely have the abdominoplaty procedure without gaining a second scar. The fact is, the C-section scar will be cut out and the abdominoplasty will be performed through that new cut. From there one of the three well-known techniques of the procedure will be performed as expected. Depending upon the amount of excess skin and attached fat that she would like removes in order to improve the appearance of her abdomen and waist; she can select form the mini, standard or the extended abdominoplasty.

Women with C-section scars often face a variety of issues with that scar. It may have stretched and she has been self conscious about it for years. But now with her plastic surgery she has an opportunity to revise that scar while making a physical improvement. She will have a new scar, which, depending upon the technique used, may be the same length or longer than the original scar. But when considering the alternative she more than likely has been hiding long enough. It is time to see the change she wants in her body instead of just dreaming about it.

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