Thursday, October 17, 2013

Answers To Some General Queries Related To High Blood Pressure

There has been a lot of discussion over the problem of high blood pressure. These discussions are related to its symptoms, studies on it, its natural as well as medical remedies. The biggest problem with this disease is that most of the people do not actually recognize that they have high BP. This is because most of the symptoms of it are very similar to other health problems and thus people keep on ignoring it. Those who know about it are unaware of high blood pressure treatment.

In general, it has been observed that people believe in taking medications regularly ignoring the other natural solutions of this disease. However, it is a fact that pharmaceuticals can keep the high BP constant but it causes negative impact on other parts of the body.

In order to provide complete information about the high blood pressure treatment, here are the answers of the general questions asked by people.

What are some of the natural supplements for high blood pressure?

Eating has a great influence on the functioning of your body. For example potassium rich fruits and foods are good for a hypertensive patient. The normal human potassium/sodium ratio is 5:1 but the American diet has very low potassium content and thus they become victims of this disease more frequently.

Similar calcium and magnesium are other important nutrients in the body.

Some other nutritional supplements are:

Hawthrone: a herb which widens blood vessles especially the coronary arteries.

Cayenne: mitigate the risk of atherosclerosis

Valerian: having sedative activity causes beneficial effect on BP.

Vitamin C: it promotes excretion of lead which has the BP lowering effect.

CO-Q10: this nutrient is naturally present in our body and its supplements are taken to ensure adequate daily needs of the body.

Garlic: it works to reduce cholesterol as well as work in the high blood pressure treatment.

Can it occur to me?

There is no particular age for the hypertension. It can occur to any children or adult. However, people above the age group of 35 years are more prone to this health disorder. Generally, the disease affects African-American, middle aged and elderly individuals. Besides this, people who are suffering from diabetes milletus, gout, kidney disorder become more prone to high BP.

Is there any genetic connection of this disease?

A big yes to this question. The hypertension has a tendency to run in the families. Therefore, if your parents are suffering from this disorder, you are likely to become hypertensive. Thus, such individuals must keep a regular check on their BP as it may arise in you due to your genes.

Moreover, it is said that tension, stress, anger and depression are also a major contributing factor in developing this disease.

If you are really looking for high blood pressure treatment without medications, you should go for a regular brisk walk, eat a healthy diet and go for regular check up.

Can high blood pressure cause death?

If high BP stays for a prolonged period without any treatment, it can cause irreversible damage to the heart and kidneys. This can result in heart and kidney failure leading to the death.

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