Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beauty School Specializations and Other Courses

A beauty school is an educational institution that offers a variety of courses and programs to the people who have enrolled in them. From the name of this institution, one can surmise that it is basically a technical school that focuses on aesthetics for the client. The students in this institution can be either gender and there are also some programs that mostly men or women enroll in.


This part of the body is something that mostly women concern themselves with. This gender likes to have their hair styled and cut in different ways. This is one of the reasons why a lot of the clients of some salons are mostly women or some salons actually cater only to women. Stylists are trained to cultivate their eye for fashion and beauty by trying out various kinds of styles and observing who is most suited by the different styles. In doing this, the beauty school encourages the students to have an instinctive eye for what can be more suitable for the person and which hairstyle is not. This is very helpful when it comes to clients who have no specific idea what kind of style they want for themselves. The stylist usually starts as an apprentice to a senior stylist and is generally given the task of being a shampoo technician before he or she can move on to being a senior stylist. The stylist should also be educated in the different kinds of hair procedures and treatments that can be done to the client such as coloring, hair extensions, curling and straightening.


The specialists of makeup have the task of applying different cosmetic materials on the face of the client. In some sessions, even the neck and other nearby areas of the face are given a light dusting of the cosmetic in order to achieve an even color for the customer. The beauty school educates the students in the right application of each kind of makeup such as the foundation, blush, lipstick and eye makeup. The combination of colors that are available for use is also brought up in order to help the students know which combinations will have better results as well as which combinations are more striking or more subtle. Graduates of this course can hope to work in various jobs such as salons, theater and films, fashion and other freelance work such as graduations, proms and other events.


The skin is also another field that the beauty school educates its students in. Estheticians are the specialists who are trained and educated in the treatments and procedures for the skin. It also trains the students in techniques and methods used for the various skin types. Some treatments include the use of machines and equipment that are used on the skin to make it younger looking and more vibrant. There is also some equipment that is used to lighten skin, for microdermabrasion and hair removal. Some of the specialists continue their education to become assistants or dermatologists working in the medical field.

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