Saturday, October 26, 2013

Non-Bank Funding for Healthcare Practices Now a Reality

It is no secret that healthcare practices in the United States are having trouble finding funds; this is because many lending institutions have introduced very stringent lending criteria. This has made many healthcare practices give up their search for capital to enhance and or expand their practice.

Fortunately, healthcare providers can get access to funding without going through banks or other traditional lenders. Healthcare funding sources such as Medical Funding Associates, LLC offer healthcare practices the chance to get access to quick cash by simply reviewing their filed, but unpaid claims and convert these claims into useful cash ASAP. These include claims that have been made to Medicaid, Medicare and other top insurance firms. It is important that healthcare practice executives & their advisors understand that this option of getting funding can be flexible and ongoing.

A Successful Healthcare Practice is More Than just Providing Quality Healthcare

Every successful healthcare practice does more than provide top notch health care service; they also have to rely upon strong financial management. This is why prudent healthcare providers search for reputable Healthcare finance companies that can effectively handle their funding requirements. Most Healthcare advisors would agree that it is a great idea to use a funding source that was specifically established to successfully handle this unique financial niche.

Which Healthcare Providers Can Benefit from Healthcare Financing Solutions?

Different types of healthcare establishments are eligible to receive healthcare funding such as:

• Nursing homes

• Home healthcare companies

• Group practice physicians

• Hospitals

• Mental healthcare providers

• DME providers

• Laboratories

• MRI and Radiology centers

• Physical therapy centers

• Rehabilitation (Rehab) centers etc

The funds these healthcare establishments receive can be used for the following (and more):

• Purchase medical equipment, tool, expand etc

• Have funding to add to payroll and or to accommodate a larger number of patients

• Upgrade offices and examination rooms

• Pay off vendors or lending institutions etc

How Does This Healthcare Funding Solution Work?

Healthcare providers can have access to funds when Medical Funding Associates, LLC provides accounts receivable purchase funding at competitive rates using their working capital, acquisition & accounts receivable financing programs.

NOTE: choose ONLY medical funding providers that have a great reputation and one that is known to provide accounts receivable financing for health care providers that have funding requirements that range from 100,000 to 100 million dollars - this will offer healthcare providers with an opportunity to have access to a considerable amount of funds to suit their ongoing needs.

The Healthcare funding experts of Medical Funding Associates, LLC principal funding source will be able to assess the true value of a healthcare claim with unmatched knowledge that cannot be equaled by commercial banks or any other factoring firms. Medical Funding Associates, LLC professional personnel are very familiar with the laws and limits of Insurance Companies, Medicaid, Medicare, and any other third party payer and have the techniques to leverage healthcare accounts receivable so as to provide a truly dependable, steady cash flow for you. Visit today.

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