Monday, October 7, 2013

Avoiding Dangerous Buttocks Augmentation by Staying Informed

It is safe to say that women are the main clients for buttocks augmentation surgery but men like to have a nice posterior too. When it comes to men and women's opinions on posteriors, it is ideal for a man to have nice shape to the rear end he has but it is far more important to a woman to have a rear end she is proud of. Sadly, many women have gone to great lengths to increase the size of their gluteus muscles. Because some women have been and still are uninformed about the human anatomy, they believe that it can be and should be easy to just place fillers under their skin and into the muscles, as they would with their faces, and presto they will have enlarged buttocks. That is a dangerous way of thinking.

Women going to uninformed, untrained and unprofessional people with needles and gel solutions have cost many of them their pride, their figure and some of them their life. The infections, cardiovascular blockages and pain associated with dangerous injections cause patients to end up feeling worse about their bodies that when they started out on the journey of cosmetic enhancement. But, it is important for these women who do have healthy tissue and new patients embarking on buttocks augmentation to understand that to enlarge this area of their body they will have to consider a size/type of implant, not a gel solution.

There are potential risks with any cosmetic surgery. But the complications can be greatly diminished when it comes to buttocks augmentation, if the client is thoroughly informed about what to expect. First, like breast implants, there are textured and smooth implants but there is no known difference in the use of one over the other. Second, directional implants are shaped like tear drops for a fuller middle to one's buttocks, the non-directional are circular to create fullness in the top and middle of the buttocks. There are also custom semi-solid silicone implants that are also round but help to accommodate injuries, size and shape discrepancies for the clients who need it. Then there are three different incision options. The surgeon can make an incision along the inside of the sacrum or natural crease between the two sides of the buttocks, two incisions on the top of either sides of the buttocks or under the natural buttock curve where it meets the upper thigh. Lastly, the implant can be placed over or under the muscle depending upon the desire for a natural look and feel. And these are the procedure descriptions a patient should get not scary injection options. In the end, when patients are prepared, and they join their enthusiasm with a talented and certified surgeon, they don't have to worry about their health when all they wanted to do was plump up their behind. And they shouldn't have to.

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