Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 5 Benefits to Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Mobile cardiac telemetry allows doctors to capture data about patients without any kind of action required from the patient themselves. This makes it easy for doctors to make a necessary diagnosis without requiring much from the patients. There are many benefits to this modern form of technology that provides a wireless heart monitor as a diagnostic tool. The patient simply needs to wear the monitor for the period of time that is required by the doctor to make the necessary diagnostics for the heart.

Benefit 1 - Internet Transmission

Standard heart monitors have a storage drive on them where all of the details are recorded and stored. Several hours later or the next morning, the doctor will take the monitor and download all of the information so that it can be analyzed. With mobile cardiac telemetry, there is an internet transmission going on at all times. This allows the doctor or a team of medical professionals to monitor what's going on to see the activity immediately.

Benefit 2 - Comfortable to Wear

Some of the devices that patients must wear are uncomfortable. When a device is uncomfortable, it can lead to reduced mobility as well as issues with cables and cords coming unplugged. A patient may wear the device for an entire day but 24 hours of data may not be recorded because of the discomfort causing various issues. With mobile cardiac telemetry, it's more comfortable and therefore the results are recorded all throughout the day and night as required by the doctor.

Benefit 3 - Affordable

Mobile cardiac telemetry can be very affordable for doctors and patients. The devices are more affordable than traditional monitors, allowing many doctors to have the devices within their practices. It can be more affordable for patients in the fact that they don't have to spend hours or days in the hospital and can wear the devices while they go to work, thus avoiding a lot of time off because of medical testing.

Benefit 4 - Doctor Never Misses an Event

When a patient uses mobile cardiac telemetry, the device is recording and transmitting in real-time, 24 hours a day. If there is any kind of arrhythmia, the doctor is able to see it as it is happening as opposed to waiting until the next day when the information is downloaded. This provides more up to the minute information to catch a problem the moment it occurs, which can lead to a better diagnosis and better care for the patient.

Benefit 5 - Analytic Tools

Depending on the actual mobile cardiac telemetry device, the system is able to provide trend data graphics as well as quantitative analysis for the doctor. This is a lot of additional details than the standard wireless heart monitor provides so that a doctor is able to get the electrocardiographic data in order to determine what the problems are with a patient. When it comes to diagnosing a heart condition, doctors want as many details as possible - which is what is provided with this type of technology.

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