Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Are Yoga Benefits?

Dubbed as the "science of health," yoga focuses more on a person's healthy wellbeing, compared to western medicine, which many describe as a "science of disease and treatment." Yoga can do so much in keeping a person in the pink of health, primarily by reducing the adverse effects of stress not only on the body but also on the mind and spirit. Find out more why yoga is good for your mind, body and soul.

Benefits for the Body

Yoga is a low-impact fitness workout that burns calories, stretches your muscles, improves flexibility, and relieves chronic pain. It's also an efficient way of stabilizing levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Many find it an effective remedy for a wide range of health problems like arthritis, back pain, headache, asthma, respiratory ailment, and allergies. Like most forms of exercise, it has a vast range of benefits for the body. But the difference is that because it's low in impact, it doesn't strain your muscles as much. There's less risk of injury and wear and tear over time. And because it enables your body to relax, it releases tension and stiffness that can surely take a toll on your health.

Benefits for the Mind

Yoga doesn't only benefit the body but also the mind. The fact that this meditative workout soothes the mind, erases all anxieties and woes, and relaxes even the most-tension filled person, makes yoga perfect for anyone who has been under a lot of stress lately. Or if you're the type of person whose work or lifestyle puts you in the center of stress all the time, you'll surely welcome the peace of mind that yoga can give you. And as you know, mental stress isn't healthy at all. A little amount of it from time to time keeps you on the go but stress in bulk quantity and constant frequency can lead to a weakened immune system, putting you at risk of a myriad of diseases.

Benefits for the Soul

Another thing to love about this fitness workout is how it lets you get in touch with your inner self. Since it's meditative, practicing yoga allows you to get to the core of your innermost being. It acquaints you with yourself, allowing you to reach and calm your spirit in a way that you never thought was possible. It gives your life the balance that it needs. It energizes your spirit in a way that makes you feel brightened up and looking forward to what's ahead.

The body, mind and soul are interconnected. And the fact that yoga works on these three aspects all at the same time, make it a highly-effective form of exercise. Experience the benefits of this workout by trying hot yoga.

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