Friday, November 15, 2013

First Time Visit to the Chiropractor

Patients seeking the assistance of a chiropractor often know the basics of how an appointment works and how it can benefit them physically. However, many are not prepared for what they are going to experience and the changes that they can expect to see over the course of the next few days, weeks, and months. Before and during that first appointment, there are things that a patient can prepare for in order to make the experience more effective and more enjoyable.

Checking With the Health Insurance Company

It can be tempting to look for a chiropractor and call the first person that comes up in the search. However, some health insurance companies cover part or all of the cost of an appointment. In some cases, the coverage offers a discount on a set number of appointments each year. Others may only require a co-pay for the first couple of appointments. Once the limit has been reached, the patients are on their own. It makes sense to check and see if there is a chiropractor in the area that takes a person's health insurance. It can save money upfront and potentially cut costs in the long run as well. One phone call could mean real savings.

Health History and Reasons for the Appointment

Before a chiropractor will work on a patient, he or she will need to know more about the individual's health history. No every person is a candidate for this type of treatment and it makes sense that a practitioner wants to know as much as possible about a person's medical history before going any further. Most offices have a survey or questionnaire that patients fill out before heading back to see the doctor. It covers basic health concerns and issues and ask patients to list out any past surgeries, current medication, or medical conditions that may be of concern.

Anxiety About the Adjustment

Everyone has heard someone talk about his or her adjustment. Some like to talk about the loud noise, often considered a popping noise, when the changes are made to the bodies. Others describe how the body is manipulated and explain the force in which the doctor must use in order to see the results. For someone that regularly seeks out this kind of treatment, these stories don't mean much. He or she has already been through it. However, people that are new to the experience often begin to get anxiety about what is going to happen at the appointment and whether or not they will be able to relax enough to allow the practitioner to work. Instead of listening to someone else describe the situation, it is possible to set up a consultation with the chiropractor to get more information about what the appointment entails and what a person can expect to experience.

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