Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diet for Gaining Muscle Mass Quickly

The best approach for gaining lean body mass is to have a constructive nutrition for making muscle mass and to have exercise sessions which are specifically designed for your kind of body. When you are looking for developing a good and fit body, the quality and the quantity of the food that is consumed into your body comes into play. The body should be supplied with necessary substances which will build muscle and helps us to work throughout the day without feeling any hunger. The count of calories should also be maintained in the optimum level. The food that is selected should also be wholesome.

A diet with the adequate amounts of carbohydrate and protein is necessary for developing muscle tissues. Carbohydrate content can be obtained by eating green vegetables, oats, whole grains, and fruits. Easy carbohydrate sources like sugar and related products should be avoided at any cost. Direct intake of such sugar laden carbohydrates will give you sugar attack and your fat cells will develop faster and it will become harder for attaining a lean body. These carbohydrates are needed by the body while you are working out in the gym. Therefore the pre-workout meal should be high in carbohydrates.

The food items which provide the right kind of protein are those like fish, chicken breast, beans, and egg whites. The primary ingredient in a muscle fiber is protein. Therefore it is to be supplied in surplus amounts for developing a lean body. You are required to take 0.7 to 0.8 g of protein per pound of your body mass. These proteins are mostly required while you are exercising in the gym. The resting period is when your muscle cells are repairing themselves by feeding on the protein. Therefore the post-workout meal is the one that should have high amount of protein in them.

The repairing of the muscle mass is another thing that is highly needed for a working body. The muscle fibers which are stretched to its limit will sustain certain injuries from the workout. This can be repaired by taking 'Omega 3' acids which is found in foods like salmon, sardines, flax seed oil, walnuts etc. Fat of peanut and avocado is also good for consumption. Other fats from animal and vegetable oil are to be avoided.

Do not take carbonated soft drinks. Replenishing your body with water will clear all the toxins and prevent dehydration. Milk and juices can help in providing the required nutrition. Rather than eating two or three large meals, it is better to consume small size meals at regular intervals for 4 to 6 times a day.

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