Monday, November 25, 2013

Possible Risks and Complications of the Tummy Tuck Procedure

The abdominoplasty, also known as the tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that entails taking out the excess fat and tissues that are present in the abdomen of the patient. There are several techniques that can be used to do the procedure. There is what is called a complete and partial abdominoplasty which pretty much explains themselves with just their names. There is also an extended procedure, a high lateral operation and a floating abdominoplasty. The goals of all these techniques are to flatten and tighten the abdomen of the patient in such a way that it appears lean and trim. The differences among these methods lie mainly on how and where the surgeon makes the incisions as well as the extent of the operation. Some of them are a combination of the main tummy tuck procedure and a butt lift, a breast lift, a liposuction or any other operation that is usually done in the region.

Risks and Complications

There are several possible risks and complications that can accompany any kind of major operation. One of the major risks that can occur after an abdominoplasty is noticeable scarring. The abdominal region is one of the regions which can be exposed due to activities and fashion choices. Sports and other outdoor activities may require the woman or man to don clothes which may expose the midriff or the abdomen. Unfavorable scars are something that some individuals do not like to expose and they may be self-conscious about it.

Some people are prone to scarring and the appearance of keloidal scars in some parts of the body. There are some ointments that can be applied on the fresh scar in order to promote a softer and less visible healing. Another possible risk of undergoing the tummy tuck is the loss of sensation in the area. Some surgeries can take away the sensation in an area temporarily or permanently, depending on how good the plastic surgeon is. There is nothing that can be done if the loss is permanent, whereas temporary loss can happen directly after the procedure but the sensation comes back after several days. Another possible risk and complication that can occur is the development of an infection in the area where the operation was done. This can happen is bacteria and germs are introduced into the incisions with the use of compromised instruments. An infection can compromise the health of a person as well as prevent the correct healing and recovery of the surgical area. Asymmetry is another possible occurrence that is not favorable in the eyes of the patient and the plastic surgeon after a tummy tuck. A crooked abdomen or an uneven one can appear ridiculous and embarrassing. This can happen is the growth and healing of the wound is not even or if an infection may have compromised the area.

There are other possible risks and complication that can occur after or during the procedure. It is best to air one's concerns and anxieties with the plastic surgeon before the operation.

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