Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: A New Trend-Setter In the Medical Field

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has suggested a new direction in the treatment of the kind of health problems which were earlier considered to be incurable. It is a treatment procedure that involves inhaling pure and unadulterated oxygen in a specially crafted pressurized chamber. The whole idea of this treatment is based on the law of physics according to which the amount of gas that dissolves in a liquid is directly proportional to the pressure exerted on it. So the pressure of the chamber increases the amount of oxygen that is absorbed in the fluid of the body by almost 10 times. Although more oxygen can be dissolved if the pressure is raised, but for the mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy 1.5 atmospheric pressure has been adopted as the standard point.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has yielded multiple health benefits. There are many patients whose wound healing process has been compromised by their other health problems, which make them a perfect choice for this therapy. If a diabetic patient develops certain skin problem, then that can also be taken care of with the help of this therapy by supplying sufficient oxygen to the affected area. This therapy shows huge beneficial effects to heal skin problems which might be caused by the hostile functions of aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. They attack the skin tissues and causes potential damage to them. If oxygen is supplied to these parts in sufficient amount, then this problem can be effectively encountered.

The paucity in the supply of oxygen can bring about numerous skin problems, where hyperbaric oxygen therapy becomes essential. Bacteria which show inimical effect on skin become very strong and unleash their full harmful potential, if skin tissues are deprived of oxygen supply in sufficient amount. Lower oxygen level creates atmosphere which is fertile for the performance of harmful bacteria. But once a patient with such problem is put into mild hyperbaric chamber, the therapy exercises a check on the growth and performance of the germs and activates the body's defense mechanism against them. When an effective restrain is put on the growth of the bacteria, toxic elements produced by them are also reduced. By that time body becomes able to wield its protective shield and fight the infections and return to the normal state of health.

This therapy also shows good results when applied to the case of malfunctioning of parts of brain that happens in multiple sclerosis, brain injuries caused by drug or alcohol which compromises the functioning of some of the nerve cells and reduces them to 'idling neurons'- neurons although alive but cannot function properly. The application of this therapy has shown remarkable outcome in waking up these lethargic nerve cells.

The administration of this therapy requires the whole of the body to be put inside the hyperbaric chamber, even if the wound that needs this treatment is on a particular limb. It is also imperative to keep the side effects of this therapy in mind. Special precaution should be taken in the case of the patients who are already suffering from heart condition. In case of such patients, mild hyperbaric therapy is implemented to avoid the risk of decreasing heart rate. It is always advisable to inform the doctor about the prior health problems, so that necessary precautionary measures can be taken while the patient undergoes this treatment.

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