Friday, November 29, 2013

Increase Your Comfort With Orthotics For Your Feet

Are you constantly feeling pain in your feet because of flat arches? If so, you shouldn't feel ashamed. It is estimated that up to seventy percent of the population suffers from a condition called over-pronation that occurs due to flat feet, or fallen arches. This condition occurs in different degrees of severity, with some people experiencing more issues with their feet than others. If you're finding that heel, knee and back pain are becoming too common, you may want to consider orthotics.

What exactly are orthotics? They are devices that are placed inside your shoes with the purpose of getting feet to function like they were intended. When over-pronation causes the balance of our lower body to become disrupted, we need some kind of device to correct the issue. The insoles help realign the foot and ankle bones to their proper, natural position, allow the foot to function normally. As a result, the pain in the feet will disappear, as well as pain that extends to the knees and lower back area. You'll be able to run and walk without feeling like a break is necessary due to overwhelming pain.

Why are orthotics a worthwhile investment? The fact is that many of use suffer from over-pronation without even realizing the root problem. If you're walking on flat surfaces daily, you're not doing your body any favors. Other factors that lead to foot function becoming an issue are age, bad ankles and knees and excess body weight. If you are overweight and fifty years or older, getting the insoles may just be the perfect solution that you need. They can eliminate the common aches and pains for a low price and prevent any lower body problems from getting worse.

If you already have common insoles already, you may be curious how orthotics are any different. Regular insoles are only designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption. While they are great at providing comfort, they don't address the physical route of the problem. The foot and ankles are not being corrected. Also, they can be made of soft materials, took weak to have any real long term effect. By investing in orthotics, you'll know you're getting a device that corrects and optimizes how the feet work.

So how exactly do they work? They do plenty more than just supporting the arches of your foot. They realign the feet and the ankles and distribute your weight properly, taking the pressure off the spots of the body commonly under stress (the balls of the feet and heels). They also provide some shock absorption, but their intended purpose is always to make sure your foot functions properly. If you are looking to try to get your body to function like it always was intended to and avoid any serious injury in the future, you may to want ditch the regular insoles you bought at the supermarket and invest in proven, advanced technology. Do your feet and ankles a favor and purchase the best option to get them working fully once again.

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