Monday, November 11, 2013

The Relaxing Properties Of Hot Yoga

In today's modern world, relaxation has become elusive. For some, it has even become a luxury. Unlike before when relaxation comes naturally in between work or chores, people now find it hard to slow down and take a break. They work nonstop and when time comes for their bodies to take a break, their minds keep on working, making mental lists of things to do, deadlines, and so on.

Sure, a little stress is good for you. It keeps you on the go, keeps your adrenaline high. But too much stress can take a toll on your health and put you at risk of a wide range of diseases. We can't emphasize more how important relaxation is. It's an integral part of a person's healthy wellbeing. And one effective way to get the relaxation that you need is through hot yoga.

Hot yoga is like your typical yoga. But as you can guess from the name, it's done in a heated environment. A hot yoga room has a temperature of about 100 degrees. A little too hot for comfort, you might think. However, the benefits are countless. Let's get down to its relaxation properties.

Step inside a hot yoga room and you'd immediately think that there's no way you can relax inside this sauna-like surrounding. But you'll be surprised at how relaxing hot yoga can be. The thing is, yoga puts you in a meditative state. Even though it's very hot in there, your mind is taken to a place where it's soothed and calmed enough to make you ignore the heat.

First, the instructor will help erase your doubts, worries and anxieties, whether it's about your work, home, family or about the hot yoga itself. In a short while, you'll calm down and release all the stressed filling up your mind. You'll immediately feel relieved as sweat drips down from your forehead and other parts of the body, and you get into a repetitive routine of deep breathing.

Next, you'll be doing unique yoga poses, similar to what you usually do in a regular yoga class. But these poses are to be extended a little longer. In every pose that you do, you'll achieve a state of relaxation that's not possible in any other way. It's not only the mind that calms down but so are the body and spirit. The body relaxes in such a way that all the stiffness and tensions are removed. You'll feel that your muscles are more at ease and flexible.

And that's not only because of the yoga poses but also because of the heat in the room. As you know, warm bodies are softer, more pliant, and more flexible. They're also less prone to injuries. Without the stiffness, muscles can work out more efficiently without the risk of pulling a hamstring or hurting your back.

Finally, the act of stretching, balancing, and creating pressure on the muscles is effective in releasing stress toxins from the body. This also improves blood circulation. How does that happen? When pressure is created, it cuts off the blood supply to some veins and arteries, then when pressure is released, the blood rushes out and instantly, circulation is improved dramatically.

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