Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Advantages of Medical Records Scanning

Medical records contain important and sensitive information regarding patients, such as birth and family records, illness, and other personal matters. Most hospitals have a certain section where doctors keep these files. They process many papers every day so they have to organize everything to avoid mistakes. There are instances, however, when calamities and accidents strike that lead to the loss of files. Papers are hard to recover once they get wet or burned. This is why many hospitals and medical facilities look for alternatives in keeping medical records.

Technology lets people make digital copies, which is useful for keeping different types of files. This adds to the flexibility of medical records as you can save photos and videos unlike the traditional word texts. Many hospitals use Electronic Medical Records or EMR to convert old documents to a digital format. This reduces the clutter in record sections as you only need a computer to keep different files. It also improves the efficiency of their staff as they do not have to spend significant time looking for a specific record.

Here are some of the advantages of medical records scanning:

Saves Space

Most hospitals need an entire room to keep all the records of their patients. Digital records, on the other hand, only require a corner of the room. Digital copies remove all the bulk in an area and create additional space. It is like shrinking an entire room to a hard drive by using medical records scanning. This makes the area look bigger and spacious. People can even use the new area for a more beneficial purpose.


A disadvantage of keeping physical records is the risk of theft. The hospital is a busy place and many people go in and out every day. You cannot monitor everyone so it is hard to find the real culprit. This might cause information leak, exposing the patient's confidential information. The benefit of having digital copies is it has a system that monitors people who access it. It records what documents you take, edit, and delete. This increases the security and offers a peace of mind to your patients. You do not have to worry about losing the files either because they have a backup, making file recovery easy.

Lower Labor Costs

Many devices can perform tasks that require many people. This reduces the need of employing and paying more people to do the same job. It also saves time because you do not have to screen all the applicants. You can allot the money you save from labor costs for another thing.

Fewer Mistakes

Digital systems perform a task according to what you input so there is no room for mistakes. It ensures that all files are processed correctly. It saves you from problems due to paperwork mistakes. The hospital is a delicate environment and one mistake can risk the life of a patient.

medical records scanning is a great way to improve the working process in hospitals and medical facilities. It reduces paperwork, increases security, and adds space. Try it now to see its benefits.

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