Friday, December 27, 2013

Unexpressed Anger Can Cause Cancer

Picture this. She is a great Christian woman. She never gets mad. Everyone says she's a great Christian lady. She is the wife of the pastor. Of course she is the model of the church and she will put her best behavior upfront. So even if she is angry she has to repress her feelings because that's the way she was taught. Nice women don't get angry. Another scenario. She's been a deaconess at her church. Everyone respect her. She has a great position at work and in the community she's in. She never express anger. Nobody have ever seen her mad. She's a saint. She's an angel. She seems to have everything in control.

Control. That is. Anger is like a hot boiling water in a pot. If you cover it without letting out a steam it will explode. You cannot pretend you're not angry anymore and everything is alright although it is killing you inside. I don't believe that anyone can be just as nice without fully expressing their anger. You have to acknowledge your anger. Anger is a God-given emotion. You are entitled to your emotion. The bible says, "Be angry but do not sin... Do not let the sun go down upon your wrath." There is a good reason why God emphasized this. He gave us a command to do certain things not because He wants to restrain us from being happy but because He wants us to live a wholesome life without disease.

Like the boiling water in a pot, if it's not handled right some of our emotions can break down somewhere to let the steam out. If you repress your feelings, it can break into your body and cause disease like cancer. Ulcer. Hypertention. You name it. It is the sin that is causing all the disharmony in your body. Hatred. Resentments. Unforgiveness. All these emotions are not healthy. Get over it. It is the root of all evil that cause all kinds of diseases. It's important to acknowledge your anger but in a constructive manner and not in a destructive behavior.

Some of the suggestions I have are:

• You can express your emotion by either writing on your diary or journal.

• Write a letter to the person you're mad at; say anything you want and then burn it.

• Scream on your pillows.

• Scream in your car with all the windows locked up.

• Or do something creative like bake 2-dozens of cookies!

Unforgiveness lowers your immune system. Dr. Neil Nedley says that we get cancer cells everyday but if you're immune system is weak your body cannot fight it. So, it's important for us to eat healthy nutrition. Eat the right kind of foods. Just hear a few of these world research links.

"Chronic unforgiveness causes stress. Every time people think of their transgressor, their body responds. Decreasing your unforgiveness cuts down your health risk. Now, if you can forgive, that can actually strengthen your immune system". [Virginia Commonwealth University]

"The program's preliminary work suggests that forgiveness lowered the stress hormone cortisol that in turn affects the immune system, but only when the patients forgave the ones they blamed". [University of Maryland - Institute of Human Virology]

"Forgiveness could boost the immune system by reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol" [Rockefeller University - New York]

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