Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have An Easier Time During A Face Lift Procedure

Surgical procedures vary from patient to patient because of the simple reason that each patient is unique in his or her own right, whether it has something to do with shape or contour. Doctors would suggest surgery for their patients after making an evaluation of their skin. Around two weeks before the surgery is to take place, smoking is expressly forbidden for any patient. Since bleeding is a risk that is often associated with any type of surgical procedure, patients should also steer clear of aspirin or any other types of medicines or prescription drugs.

For the facelift procedure to take place, you could go directly to a hospital or to the office of a plastic surgeon. Surgical procedures are mostly painful, which requires the use of a numbing agent so the patient wouldn't have to suffer much. That is why the patients have to be sedated first and be treated with local anesthesia. The usage of general anesthesia puts the patients in a sleep. In this facelift process for more relief and comfort for the patients, doctors use traditional facelift methods which make an incision that start around the hairline from the temple and the curves revolving the earlobe and ending at the bottom of the hairline. They also make a small incision under the skin to tighten the skin of the neck. The facelift would actually have better results if this is done successfully.

Doctors would go about this procedure by segregating the fat from the muscles found under the skin. The face would be thinner or slimmer once the fat has been sucked away. The SMS, or the layer of tissues beneath the skin, would be reduced during the facelift procedure being performed by the plastic surgeon. This layer would then have to be folded back and pulled over itself in order to make it tighter. The result would be visibly lifted cheeks and a firmer neck. For the finishing touch, laser is used to remove the excess skin. A knife is also sometimes used to accomplish this. Of course, closing the incision would be performed by stitching it up or using sutures. Tissues glue is also sometimes used. Keeping the stitches within the hairline is the best way to keep them hidden from plain sight. This would have the hair obscuring the stitches from view.

Depending on the extent of tissues and muscles that have to be dealt with during the surgery, as well as the type of procedures that would actually be employed by the surgeon, it would take somewhere from two to four hours for the whole thing to be over. Aside from traditional surgical procedures, they could also make use of other facelift procedures. Compared to the incision done in traditional facelift procedures, mini lift makes use of a smaller incision. This is more fitting for lifting a smaller area or part of the face. There is also the S-lift procedure. This would deal with the lower part of the face, particularly the area around the neck and the jowls. The separation of the skin from the surface tissues is done by using an incision shaped like an S performed by the surgeon. Meanwhile, tiny incisions would also be made inside the mouth, not just the hairline or around the earlobes. This is referred to as the mid facelift procedure. This procedure would require the use of an endoscope since its tiny camera would enable them to have a look at the whole area to be operated on. There is one clear purpose to these facelift procedures. People want to look better so they have these procedures done, and once they improve their looks, it is clear that they would also be improving their general outlook in life.

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