Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Body Hair for Men

Although the technique is pretty much the same, hair removal for men and women can differ in the areas where hair is removed. Most women would remove hair in the face, armpit, as well as legs, men, on the other hand, prefer to have their chest, back, shoulders as well as legs and arms free of body hair. Whatever the method for body hair removal for men, it all boils down to personal preference be it a temporary result or a permanent one.

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guideline on hair removal for men.

First, you need to determine what method you wish to undergo. For example, you need a razor and shaving cream if you want to shave. Depilatories or a hair removal cream if you prefer a painless removal of hair in the body. You can also use a waxing kit if you think "no pain, no gain" is the right thing to do. All of these are just for the do-it-yourself kit at home. Other alternatives can also be chosen besides the already mentioned one. You can also have laser treatment and IPL but these two are discussed in another topic.

Second, you can shave using the razor when you want to remove the unwanted hair on your body. It is best that you do this right after taking a bath. Better yet, soak your body in warm water so that the coarse hair is softened during the process. This also reduces the chances of having ingrown hair as well as skin irritation due to the friction caused by the razor rubbed against the skin. Shaving results only last for about a day or two.

Now, if you need to remove the hair on your arms or legs, the easiest and the most painless way to do this is to use depilatories or full body hair removal creams. Most of these creams can be purchased over the counter so procuring them can be easy as A-B-C. Depilatories dissolve the protein in the hair so hair cans easily fallout from the roots. Compared to shaving, hair removal creams have longer lasting results.

The third step, once you have removed the hair on narrower areas of the body, you can move on to remove hair from the chest or back or any wide part of the body. This can be easily done through waxing. This can give discomfort but the pain is tolerable. Warm wax,already melted, is applied to the area and then it is covered with a strip of cloth. You need to allow the wax to dry out before pulling the cloth, along with the hairs. Be sure that you tug it against the hair growth to reduce ingrown hair. Hair would not grow for a month or so. There are also do-it-yourself kits you can buy in stores or you can have this done professionally in a salon.

The next step can be optional. If you prefer to remove body hair permanently, you can go to a beauty clinic and undergo electrolysis. Electrolysis works by administering a low-level electric shock to the hair follicle, killing the growth cells responsible for hair. The downside of this kind of treatment is that it requires a total longer period of sessions, usually done weekly, in order that the entire area is treated properly. Another way to go is using laser treatment, which has a similar mode as electrolysis. The main difference is that instead of electric shock, low energy light beam is used. Similarly, small areas can be treated in one session, making the total treatment longer. Laser treatment is best performed on men with dark hair.

The last kind is IPL or intense pulse light treatment. It is quite similar to the laser but uses pulses of light to kill the follicles of hair.

This is the ways on how to remove body hair, from the simplest way to the most complicated. Which one would you choose?

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