Thursday, May 2, 2013

How Your Plastic Surgeon Will Ensure You Are a Good Candidate for Surgery

Your plastic surgeon has a major role to play in your cosmetic surgery experience. Not only will he or she perform the chosen treatment, but you can also expect your doctor to advise you carefully before you decide whether to go through with the procedure. Find out how your physician can make sure you are a good candidate before setting up the surgery.

During the initial consultation, you will be in the process of deciding whether the doctor you are talking to is the right one for you. But you will not be the only one making a decision. The plastic surgeon you meet with will also be making the decision of whether to allow you to get the surgery you want. He or she will likely ask some questions, such as why you are getting the procedure. You need to make sure you are doing it for your own sake, not for anyone else. The doctor should also make sure you have realistic expectations since otherwise you will be disappointed with the results.

In fact, your plastic surgeon will be in charge of giving you all the information you need to feel prepared for the procedure. This means you can expect to receive answers regarding what will happen during the operation and how to heal as fast as possible. You should feel comfortable asking questions since you deserve thorough answers. Plus, your doctor will need to tell you how to prepare for the surgery, since you may find you have to quit smoking, stop taking certain medications, or even get to a healthy weight first.

Furthermore, a good plastic surgeon will ensure you are in good health in general. You might need to have blood tests run before you get surgery. You will also likely need a physical from your regular practitioner. Only once all the results are back can you find out for sure that you qualify for the procedure. Your physician needs to make sure you do not have problems with your heart or other major organs that would put you at risk during or after the operation.

It may turn out that your plastic surgeon does not believe you are a good candidate for the operation you want. If this occurs, you should find out if you can do something to change that, such as get healthier by losing weight or taking a certain medication. If this is not the case, you can ask for alternatives. For example, just because you are not eligible for a facelift does not mean you can't get Botox or a similar treatment instead. No matter what occurs, you should just feel confident your physician has your best interests at heart.

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