Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Talk Shows Do Not Tell You About CoolSculpting

During the latter half of 2010, an innovative form of cosmetic improvement turned the world of body contouring on its ear. This procedure, known as CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, has its share of benefits to offer those who decide to give it a try. It is a non-invasive fat removal cosmetic procedure for the body, which costs less than liposuction. It is reputed to be practically painless. However, what is not clear at this point is how long the results remain in effect. Freezing your fat to slim down may sound like something that you want to try, but first you need to know what the media is not telling you.

To determine, if this procedure is the right one for one, you need to arm yourself with the details about it that you will not hear on any talk shows on television. You will not know if it is something you should undertake, unless you are privy to the hidden nuggets of information.

This procedure will not improve laxity of the skin. In other words, if your skin is loose, saggy and is no longer firm, this procedure will not improve it or restore it to what it once looked like. In fact, it may actually make it worse. Removing fat by way of CoolSculpting might actually make the saggy quality of your skin even more noticeable.

A vacuum is used for the task of grabbing the fat and the skin in the targeted area and whisking it away from the body. Contrary to what you may have heard, this can lead to some pain and discomfort. The first five to 15 minutes of the vacuuming procedure can cause a degree of discomfort. Some people may experience it to a stronger extent than others.

The CoolSculpting experience is touted as taking an hour to complete. In truth, it takes one hour for each area that you wish to have frozen. The lower abdominal region would take two hours to complete. If you have a few love handles, each one will take one hour to be worked on. Let's face it, you want the love handles on both sides of your body treated.

Following the procedure, you may be upset by what the area that was treated looks like. Some patients describe it as looking like a piece of salmon under their skin, while others describe it as looking like a stick of butter. But do not worry, it will look odd but the professionals will massage the area afterwards.

Success does not always occur after the first treatment. You may have to be treated two, or even three times to see visible results that signal success. The full results will take anywhere from two to three months to appear. That is the reality for some patients of CoolSculpting. For other people, it may take longer. It may take anywhere from four to six months to see the complete end result.

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