Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why "We Must Eat Breakfast" Is a Myth

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have been told that eating breakfast helps get our bodies of the other food we are going to eat throughout the day. Plus, it gives us the proper nourishment to get our body pumping for the rest of the day's activities. So we have followed it; and some of us find it a challenge to eat anything at all in the morning. We force ourselves because as we were told, we just are not allowed to skip it.

However, what if there really was no need to eat breakfast? Here you will find reasons why eating breakfast is just a myth.

Myth 1. Not eating breakfast is bad.

First of all, your body has already fed itself. When you fast (or skip) breakfast, your body is using up its own stored fat in the body. In the morning, your body burns up more fat because you were not eating all through the night. By the time you open your eyelids, your body has been already able to eat body fat.

Myth 2. You will become fat if you do not eat breakfast.

Think about the people who usually skip breakfast. Most people who skip breakfast are those who are trying to lose weight. They skip it only to find themselves binging on the next meal which makes them gain all the weight back and more. Skipping breakfast does not necessarily equal to becoming fat; skipping breakfast usually means that this kind of person stated here also has other eating issues.

Those who are not dieting and skip breakfast might be those who are really busy and rushing to get to work. However, it has been seen that they might actually weigh less than those who skip it purposefully to lose weight.

Cortisol is also given off by our bodies. This helps increase the production of glucose which actually aids in normalizing your blood sugar even if you are not eating anything. It reaches its peak around 8 AM and decreases later on in the day. It is for this reason that when we wake up we usually do not feel hungry. Also, since glucose has been made, our body is already at work on making our blood sugar stable.

A study has shown that rugby players on Ramadan were losing weight and better lean muscle mass.

Myth 3. The biggest meal of the day should be breakfast. We have heard the saying "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch a queen, dinner like a pauper." In the study of the kind of fasting in Ramadan, it has shown that there was no effect on the body of those who ate meals during the rest of the day. Those who eat a lot especially carbs at the night showed no effect. In a study, it showed that those who ate bigger meals in the evening actually saved their muscle mass more; the later body fat was also dropped.

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