Saturday, September 7, 2013

Urgent Care Clinics and What They Offer

Many communities have urgent care clinics where people can go to get many minor injuries and illnesses treated. Communities that have these often have many residents who feel that these places are very convenient. There are many different reasons why people may feel this way but one of the main reasons is because these centers offer fast service without a long wait or delay. They are also often very affordable.


The services that urgent care centers offer their patients consist of those that do not require hospital-grade equipment and attention. Usually the doctors who attend these places are family doctors and general practitioners. They can address a variety of ailments and minor emergency cases that can be easily treated.

One such service is a consultation for fevers, colds, and other common illnesses that do not require emergency attention. The medical professionals here can prescribe medication and offer recommendations to the patients. Other services that can be commonly found in an urgent care center are x-rays and simple blood and urine tests.

Many patients do not like to go to the emergency rooms of hospitals because of the long wait that they have to endure. When these treatments, prescriptions and recommendations are also things that the patient can readily acquire from the urgent care clinic, waiting in these lines seems unnecessary. The medical staff and the doctors in these centers are licensed and qualified to diagnose a patient within the general capacity of their course and field.

Common vaccinations, immunizations, and injections that can be given by general practitioners can be acquired in the centers. Flu shots and vaccinations that are necessary for travel are also usually available here. Doctors can easily attend to the patients who require a diagnosis and a consultation in order to know what is wrong with them.


One of the advantages of going to an urgent care center is the lack of a long line of waiting patients. In some cases, both walk-in patients and appointment patients can be attended to by the doctors. The medical professionals here may recommend that the patient go to a specialist if the case is more complicated or requires more complex treatment or diagnosis.

Another advantage is the fact that the patients are often not required to present their Social Security numbers to verify their identities. This is quite advantageous for those who are without the correct documentation at the moment. Many of these centers also have free medications and medical supplies, which are provided for those who may not be able to support themselves.

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