Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breast Augmentation for Men and Women

The breast augmentation procedure is a surgical one that is commonly reserved for women but can also be done on men. For the most part, the aim of this kind of operation is to enhance and improve the size and shape of the woman's bosom. Enhancement comes when the chest size may not be even or adequate enough in the opinion of the owner while improvement can be seen when the bosoms is almost non-existent. Some individuals suffer from missing breasts due to these being removed in lieu of diseases or trauma that may have required their removal. On the part of men wanting to undergo the said operation, there are many male individuals who wish to change their gender to that of the opposite sex. Although there are some hormone therapies that can encourage the growth of breasts in men, having them put in through the use breast augmentation surgery yields faster, more immediate and more evident results.

The Procedure

Initially, the patient, either male or female, needs to consult a qualified and licensed plastic surgeon in order to be assessed for the procedure. The state of mind of the individual is something that the doctor should determine before anything else. Some individuals have such high expectations regarding the results of the surgery that they may actually be misguided in their quest to have it. The assessment should include a thorough check for underlying conditions and diseases that may be seen in blood work and other tests. Some conditions, like diabetes and heart disease may prevent the undertaking of the operation, or may postpone it until better conditions are seen. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also be a problem for the procedure because these can bring to the surface some complications during the operation as well as during the recovery period.

The breast augmentation operation starts with decisions such as which implants to use on the individual, what size of the implant is recommended and where it should be placed. Implants are silicone sacs filled with either silicone gel or saline solution that can mimic the look and feel of the real thing. These come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed above or below the muscle found in the chest. The surgery itself commences when the doctor makes an incision on a strategic area of the chest into which the implants are to be inserted. For men, one other thing to be considered when placing the implants is the elasticity of their skin in the area as well as how large the implants can be. The places where the incisions are to be made are usually those that do not manifest scars easily or be in places where scars are not so noticeable. The recovery period of the procedure is not so long. Caution should be exercised when going about with everyday activities since the breast augmentation procedure is considered a major one. The recommendations and prescriptions of the plastic surgeon should be followed to prevent and avoid any complications from occurring.

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