Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How Important Is Detox for Busy People?

As the modern world speeds up & we are surrounded with the latest technology & gadgets of modernity, we are regularly exposed to toxic materials. Radiation, chemicals, pesticides, house cleaning sprays, eWaste, pollutants from vehicles, etc. are frequent companions in our every-day life.

If we compare our expected lifespan to that of our pre-industrial ancestors there is not a lot of difference in the average age of death! With the high levels of hygiene, medical advancements & food awareness existing today, we actually have the genetic blue-print to live to over 100 years of age!

So why do we live only marginally longer than our great great great grandparents?

One of the reasons is the modern world!

Lets look at what happens to us when we are exposed to dangerous pollutants.

Our body cannot carry toxic material in our blood. Once we have been exposed, our physiology will 'sequestrate' (ie: dump!) the pollutant into vital organs that have an affinity to this toxin. This accumulation of toxins can cause a miriad of chronic diseases & a serious slow deterioration to our health reducing our life expectancy or healthy longevity.

Thus, it becomes important to free our body from these harmful toxins to keep us healthy & energetic. Deep tissue & organ detoxification of the bowel, liver and kidneys remove chemical overload, recharging your body in readiness for the challenges of family & professional life.

Here are few general benefits of Detoxification:

Greater vitality and more consistent energy

  • Better digestion
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Better elimination system through the lymphatic, digestive & skin systems
  • Increased fertility for both men and women
  • Relief from chronic pain & disease - eg: skin problems, fibromyalgia, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, cancer
  • Hormonal balance in both men & women

Mental clarity & happy moods

  • Weight loss and improved metabolism
  • Better immunity

Detoxification helps in weight loss process as it:

  • Makes your body more alkaline
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves metabolism

A planned detox retreat consists of a professionally supervised program that may include juicing, raw foods & colon cleansing. Yoga, meditation & massage therapy all assist in repairing your body, inducing self-healing naturally & encouraging a healthy old age not a diseased one!

So, all you busy people join us and indulge your senses, regain your awesome health & have some fun, relaxation, luxury, beauty and time out for youself!

Combine it with some traditional balinese massage or a similar relaxation technique and gain optimum health, and I am sure you will feel better, more recharged with more efficiency at your work.

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