Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Truth About Fat Loss

Every January millions of people become somewhat motivated to make a huge change in their lives. Some people want to make more money. Others want to build a better relationship with a family member or just be a better person overall. However, there is one New Year's Eve resolution that stands out from the rest. It is one that most people try to accomplish several times before giving up. What do you think I am referring to? Losing weight.

I am sure that even you have tried now and again to lose a couple pounds, only to gain it all back. Maybe you were doing great and then a birthday party came along and there was some pizza... and cake... and ice cream... and a few cookies. Let's be honest. Everyone falls off the wagon every once in a while, no matter how disciplined you are.

I want to start off by saying I really dislike people using scales for the wrong reason. You see, scales can be very misleading. All too often I see different people check their weight every day and sometimes several times per day. The main goal for them is to lose WEIGHT. Well, if you want to lose 2 pounds, cut off one of your hands. I mean if all you care about is what the scale reads, then what does it matter where the weight comes from? Okay obviously I am kidding. We are talking about FAT LOSS here, not WEIGHT LOSS. Some people lose 10 to 20 pounds while dieting but still look fat... how can this be? Well, they probably lost a ton of muscle and almost no fat. This is why it is important to forget the scale and just look in the mirror. If you want to use a scale to track weight and the end of the week every week at the exact same time, this can be beneficial. But checking it more than that will only discourage you. Go drink a bottle of water and guess what, you will weight a pound more... but did you gain a pound of fat? See my point?

The real way to keep on track is to start off with a certain number of calories, carbs, proteins, and fats and continuously cut back on these numbers as you get further and further into your diet. To find what numbers you need to start with, search TDEE calculator on Google and you will soon come up with good guidelines. The key to winning the battle is CONSISTENCY. Don't get freaked out if you don't look perfect after one week. Or even 4. You will see results if you keep doing the same thing every week, and remain in a calorie deficit.

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