Monday, April 22, 2013

Promotion Techniques For Fitness Professionals

To be successful in the fitness industry you will need to be constantly promoting yourself and never overlook an opportunity to promote yourself or your business.

Before you start to advertise yourself or your company, first workout how much capital you can afford to invest in promotion. This will give you an idea of the types of promotion you should be targeting.

There are the usual ways of promoting yourself or business none more useful than having your own website. If you want your website to start ranking high in a Google search for example you have to apply certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your site. One of the most important techniques is to get similar websites linking to your website. This is not an easy process, but one that will pay off if you persevere. Your first stop should be all the free directories that have a section relevant to you website. You should also setup a page on all the big social media sites, another free resource for boosting your site exposure.

You can also advertise your website on search engines using PPC (Pay Per Click). These are the adverts you usual find around the edge of search results, however you should really research how to use I properly otherwise it will end up costing you a lot of money. You pay every time someone clicks on your advert, how much can vary depending on the key word. If it was 'personal trainer', that could be over £1 per click, but if it was 'personal trainer in Croydon' that would be less.

The problem is, the most relevant sites in the fitness world that offer promotion do seem to charge quite a lot to place a link on their website. If you do decide to advertise with one of these websites I would always want to see recent statistics from them to show the amount of visitors they receive every day, as you are not just paying for them to link to you site but to hopefully send you traffic. You can tell instantly what one's would be the best by doing a simple Google search for you particular fitness niche. If there are sites offering you promotion on the first page of Google they will receive more traffic than sites on pages 2 and onwards.

There are websites that allow you to add your profile or company to search directories for your particular field.

Always research thoroughly before you begin promotion.

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