Friday, April 5, 2013

An Effective Way to Protect Yourself and Your Employees From Hearing Damage

Excessive noise can cause serious problems when left unattended. It often results in severe health problems, such as hearing loss. You can check your workplace noise levels by working with a company offering noise assessment and inspection. This allows you to improve business processes or other aspects you might have overlooked.

Workplace Noise

Too much exposure to high levels of noise can severely damage your employees' hearing. This can affect their ability to communicate and interact in the workplace, and their quality of life. You can prevent such damage by making sure the noise in the workplace stays within tolerable levels.

The government designed certain regulations to protect employees from damage caused by workplace noise. The regulations apply to all workplaces in Great Britain, including those in the entertainment industry such as pubs, clubs, and theaters.

The Role of Employers

Employers must schedule a noise risk assessment to find out if the noise in the workplace is safe or hazardous for the employees. This is a requirement for all business owners, and the government may give appropriate sanctions to violators. Make sure you hire competent people to do the assessment. Doing so can help you identify if any of your employees is affected, and will allow you to decide which action is appropriate.

Environmental Noise

The level of environmental noise in the workplace affects you and your employees' safety. Sources of hazardous occupational noise often include heavy machinery, and high-powered tools and equipment. Your equipment might be too old, which leads to malfunctioning or excessive noise. Reduce the noise by fixing or replacing outdated machinery with new ones. You can create a safe working environment by removing excessive noise risks. This way, you can encourage increased employee productivity.

Choosing a Noise Assessment Company

Choosing the right company is the key to reducing or eliminating the noise in your workplace. Make sure the firm you are considering has extensive experience in investigating and assessing environmental or occupational noise levels. They should use the right procedures to make sure the noise in your workplace meets the appropriate safety standards set by the government. A good firm must identify measures needed to protect workers from damage. Their findings and technical reports should be detailed and easy to understand. Here are some of the particular services a noise assessment company may offer:

- Entertainment Industry Noise Testing

- Factory Noise Assessments

- Industrial Noise Assessments

- Other Workplace Noise Assessments

- Planning Applications

- Noise Impact Assessments

- Investigation of Nuisance Complaints

- Site Monitoring to ensure compliance with planning consent or permits

A healthy workforce leads to a productive business. Start caring for your workers by reducing or eliminating the noise in your work area. Go online and look for reliable companies that can provide outstanding results. Browse their websites and learn how effective noise risk assessment can help you create a better workplace and a healthier workforce.

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