Friday, April 12, 2013

Paleo Diet - Good For You, And The Planet

There is certainly no shortage of crazy things people do in order to try to lose weight - and to some people's minds, there are no things that are crazier than the things done by those on the paleo diet. In case you are unaware, the paleo diet prescribes that we eat the same way our ancient, hunter/gatherer ancestors ate - which, of course, takes out many of the things that make modern eating so convenient; once you start to learn more about the paleo diet, however, you will come to understand that it is not those who stick to paleo eating who are acting crazy, but is actually those who are still eating conventionally!

First off, we should take a look at the weight loss side of things: the primary idea behind paleo eating and primal eating is the simple fact that the body turns carbohydrates (particularly grains) into sugar, and the body turns sugar into fat; in other words, it is not "eating fatty foods" that causes people to add fat to their body, but is instead eating things that are packed with sugar and are full of carbs! When you manage to stay away from foods such as these, your body will instead release ketones that will use your stored fat for energy - thereby burning away the excess fat you have!

But there is more to the benefits of paleo eating than just losing weight, as there are plenty of things done by "conventional" food growers that are destroying the planet; for instance, the factories in which the unnatural chemicals and preservatives in conventional foods are manufactured are bad for the planet, as are the pesticides used on crops grown "conventionally." In fact, even the unnatural growth hormones used in various plants and animals grown "conventionally" are bad for the soil, and for the environment!

And finally, eating "conventionally" is just plain bad for your body; our bodies developed in such a way that we are supposed to be consuming plants and animals - and taking these unnatural foods and putting them into our bodies, or taking these plants (such as wheat) that need to have their chemical makeup altered before we consume them all puts our body in a poor spot, where it is unable to function the way it is supposed to function.

One of the big realities about the world - and about life - that many people fail to grasp is the simple fact that each of us has the ability and the right to stay healthy and to lead long lives; start learning more about the paleo diet, and you will be in a position to lead a more full life as a whole!

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