Sunday, March 31, 2013

What You Should Know About Lift Chairs And How To Choose One For You

Lift chairs are chairs that help to gradually set a person down to a sitting position or lift the person to the standing position without causing any strain or injury. These chairs are a boon to the elderly and to those who are temporarily injured or permanently disabled.

How They Function

Power lift chairs are designed with a built in motor that helps change the position of the seat from upright to reclined to absolutely flat. Most lift chairs will plug directly into the wall socket. As an additional safety features, most chairs also have a backup power supply that is activated when there is a power outage. For people whose mobility is restricted and who would otherwise not be able to sit or stand without some assistance, the battery backup ensures that they will never be left stranded.

Types Of Lift Chairs With Regards To Reclining Positions

As far as the reclining positions are concerned, there are 4 models:

• A standard, one-position model is the most basic and most economical of all models. In this model the chair back remains upright and only the seat cushion is movable.
• In a 2-position variation, the chair back can be kept upright or it can be kept in a reclining position.
• A 3-position model goes one further and allows you to push the back down completely so it can be used for sleeping too.
• With the infinite position model you can adjust the chair back and the foot rest independently of each other, which means you have infinite choices as far as the positioning is concerned. This offers the ultimate in comfort and is an excellent choice for someone who will be spending a major portion of the day in their chair.

Other Factors To Consider

In addition to taking into consideration the reclining position of the chair, there are also a few other factors that you will need to think about when choosing a model that suits you best.

One of these is the amount of space that you have. If space constraints are a concern, you should consider a wall hugger model. Wall hugger models are designed so that they can be placed as little as six inches away from the wall while still being able to recline.

Another factor is your height and weight. If you are heavily built you should take a look at the bariatric models, which are more sturdily built and have more powerful motors that can handle the excess weight.

The key to the getting the most benefits from a lift chair is to make sure you choose the right one for you. So take your time, get advice from the professionals and read up on the different models available and their pros and cons before you pick one.

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