Friday, March 29, 2013

Foam Rolling Exercises: Getting Rid Of Your Fitness Fears

The foam roller usually stands a few feet long. It's slim, sleek, and is available in cute colours such as bright blue, stylish grey or elegant purple. When you touch it, it's soft and plush, although some models can be firmer or have more resistance than others. Standing beside other larger, more mechanical gym equipment such as the chest press or the running machine, the foam roller doesn't look impressive at all. But you'll most likely be proud of this innocent-looking gizmo once you learn more about its versatility and its multiple fitness benefits.

Today, more and more fitness trainers highly recommend the incorporation of foam rolling as an important component of a workout routine. While it's been previously thought of as a tool for athletes or serious body builders only, the foam roller is now starting to be a steady presence in the average fitness-conscious individual's exercise regimen. This is because its biggest benefits-core stability, pain management and injury prevention-are all relevant to everyone regardless of fitness level or goal.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of foam rollers is the practicality and value for money they offer. Fitness experts say that twenty minutes of foam rolling will provide you the same benefits if you go for a one-hour sports massage from a luxury spa. You'll feel de-stressed and relaxed; those knots and tensions will effectively be eased away with even a simple overall body foam rolling routine. If you know where to purchase, a high quality foam roller that you could use for a long time can be purchased for the price of a one-time massage session with a qualified therapist. People spending long hours at their desks or running errands all day or those with hectic schedules and a harried lifestyle will surely benefit from the relaxing and revitalising benefits of foam rolling.

Engaging in foam roller exercises allows you to enjoy the advantages of myofascial release, a type of soft tissue therapy designed to address pain, stiffness or soreness. As foam rolling has been proven to enhance core stability and core strength, it is now a recommended regimen for those experiencing knee injuries, lower back pain, hip pain and lower limb injuries. Studies have also shown that the body can heal faster and prevent further injuries or complications from injuries if you practice the right foam rolling routines as recommended by a fitness expert.

Whether you're a professional athlete, a serious fitness enthusiast, a weekend warrior or just someone looking for the most effective way to ease everyday stress and tension, consider using foam rollers. Find the right retailer for high quality and value for money foam rollers to add to your fitness arsenal today.

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