Friday, August 23, 2013

Things You Should Know Before Having Your Body Sculpted

Everyone is making such a big deal about taking the time to choose a good surgeon that you may not be clear about what you should know before getting plastic surgery. Take some time to learn about what you should expect before your procedure so that you are not confused about anything later on. Here are a few things you should be aware of before you commit to any procedure.

Once you arrive at your consultation, a staff member should greet you. Usually this staff member is a receptionist or nurse. You will be provided with new patient information papers to fill out. Included in this packet is a medical history form or questionnaire. It is very important for you to be as open and honest as possible about any health concerns you have had in the past. Be honest about the foods, drinks, medication, and herbal supplements you may be taking as well. Your surgeon will look at this information and make your plan of treatment based off of this information. Some medications, health concerns, and activities, such as drinking and smoking, can interfere with your body's ability to heal. If necessary your surgeon can make modifications to lower your risk for complications.

Once you meet the doctor, ask them about their practice and accomplishments. Ask to see proofs of credentials and of their recent work. Inquire as to whether or not there have been any claims of malpractice brought against them and how they were resolved. Keep in mind that the practice of plastic surgery is not an exact science and it is impossible to please everyone. So there may be a few complaints against that doctor. However, if there is a large number of complaints and cases, you should consult with a different professional. Also, verify that this professional has malpractice insurance for both of your protection.

As you get more familiar with the surgeon who is going to be in charge of your plastic surgery procedure, don't forget to discuss a few things. The doctor should go over what is involved for your particular procedure. You need to discuss where it will be done and when. You should also find out how much your plastic surgery is going to cost. Keep in mind that the price generally includes the cost of anesthesia as well. Don't forget to double check to find out if sedation is included or is going to cost extra.

You should walk away from your plastic surgery consultation with reasonable expectations. No matter what type of work you want to have done, your surgeon will have given you their expert assessment and opinion about what to expect, even if it doesn't live up to what you originally thought. By having a clear and realistic goal in mind, you will be more able to appreciate the work your surgeon does to give you the body you seek.

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