Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Fit, Sexy, And Relaxed Buyer's Guide To Foam Roller

Over time, your muscles get overworked and tense. So much so that sometimes you feel the urge to stretch while sitting, standing, or even lying down. One effective way to do this is to perform foam rolling exercises, which provide stretching techniques known as self-myofascial release. The term sounds heavy and technical enough to guarantee results for your body, namely injury prevention, flexibility, fitness, and relaxation. But the tool you use is light and simple enough to allow for some easy shopping. Here are quick suggestions to help you choose the best foam roller for those stretching techniques.

Decide if you'll use the roller mainly for strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. Some people may only use the roller for deep tissue massages. Rollers come in different specifications: half-round, long, medium foam, etc. If you're using the roller for fitness and therapy, it is ideal to go with something that combines malleability and firmness. If you're using the roller for massage work, try a product that is firm on the inside yet features a soft outer layer. A high-density roller is recommended for athletes who need intensive work on their muscles.

Look into firmness. The firmness of some foam rollers is actually colour-coded. A white roller is made up of polyethylene foam and has low density. They create less pressure, making it an ideal firmness choice for beginners. A medium to lightly coloured roller is designed for advanced core-stabilisation. They usually come in blue or green and are commonly used in Pilates. Meanwhile, a black roller is recommended for advanced users.

When it comes to rollers, size does matter. Lengths will vary from 12 to 36 inches. What you choose will depend on what exercises you'll be doing. For instance, if you're going to be doing a lot of back exercises you'll naturally need a long roller. This will ensure that you have proper alignment and good support while on the exercise tool.

Know how to use the roller before buying one. This will help you determine what foam roller exercises would suit your needs, which in turn, will help you decide which kind of roller you'll have to get.

And finally, make sure to buy a roller that comes with a cover or get one that fits what you just purchased. A cover will keep your roller safe from dirt, water, and possibly prevent transmission of harmful bacteria. If you're going to be using the roller for a gym class, get one that has a strap so that you can easily carry it along.

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