Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Possible Risks And Benefits Of Radiology

Radiology is very common and is used a lot in treatment of various diseases. Not only that it is used in treatment but it is used for diagnosis as well. So what is this anyway?

Radiology is a term used to denote a phenomenon where human body is viewed with the help of x-rays. When these rays hit human body, they form images based on different density and composition. Thus a clearer picture of human body can be seen with the help of x-rays. Besides, internal body organs, tissues, bones, muscles and a whole lot of different internal and external body parts can be seen easily.

Now that we know the basic theme behind radiology, now let's see its various benefits and risks.


a. The greatest benefit is none other than pathology which is also known as diagnosis of diseases. It is indeed very helpful in diagnosis of several diseases ranging from fracture detection to tissues disorders to checking baby movements and others. Today, a fairly large number of diseases are detected with the help of computer radiology.

b. It is a cost-effective and safe way to detect diseases which otherwise is very costly or is very lethal. At times, patient needs to be checked internally for any disease or symptoms. Imagine for a moment, what a physician can do if there are no x-rays? Think of a pregnant woman who is having complications, what is the alternate to check baby health other than scanning? So this is a very cost-effective and safe way to look through human body.

c. The entire scanning process is very simple and quick. Patient doesn't suffer at all. No needles, no surgery, no blood - 5 minutes and everything is right on the paper. There are sophisticated machines that carry entire process quickly and smoothly without even touching patient's body.

d. The images are extremely easy to use and can be distributed in no time. Images developed via radiology can be distributed among different departments of hospital electronically.

Risks and drawbacks

a. Constant exposure to these rays can damage tissues and other body parts which is although not very common but this is a potential risk that does exist.

b. In case of regular exposure to radiations, it may result in serious skin and tissue disorders. At times, patient has to be checked on daily basis for any possible pathology and such daily (regular) exposure to these radiations can prove to be very lethal.

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