Monday, July 1, 2013

After Hours Clinic and Their Services

An after hours clinic is a medical center that offers a variety of services that cater to individuals who may need these during times when other centers and hospitals may be closed or inaccessible due to time constraints. The goal of these types of places is to cater specifically to people in certain areas who may need medical attention and help during times when doctors are not readily available or times when emergency services are necessary. Although, not all of these places encourage walk in patients, it is possible to do so especially when there are not a lot of people in line for the medical professional.


One of the primary services that an after hours clinic may offer people is a consultation and an examination. Many individuals go to these centers if their primary care physician is not immediately available due to the time of day or limitations due to emergency needs. Some people go to these places when they have fevers or ailments that are not necessarily life threatening but need medical attention just the same. The patients might need a prescription for medicines or recommendations from the doctor regarding how to treat and address their ailments. Doctors who find the patients in need of specific attention that only hospital emergency rooms can offer will recommend that the patient go to the nearest hospital for this. They will not attempt to treat any disease or sickness which they feel is beyond their capacity as an after hours clinic. Another service that can be found in these centers is treatment of small cuts and wounds that the patient needs to be attended to. Since small cuts and lacerations do not actually need to be brought to busy emergency rooms, the staff and professional who work in these clinics can easily treat them and at the same time issue the necessary immunizations or vaccinations to prevent any other diseases and conditions from developing.

Treatment for falls and sprains can also be offered here although broken bones may be dependent on the capacity of the center. Not all of the centers that are outside of hospitals can offer treatment and surgery to treat broken bones. Other services offered here are immunizations and vaccinations for different kinds of conditions, especially for travelling and pediatrics. A lot of travelers are advised to get immunizations and vaccinations when they visit countries that may expose them to diseases and ailments that are not easily found in the United States of America. Children are also in need of on time vaccinations and immunizations based on their age and their need. The absence of their pediatrician can prompt the parents to bring their child to an after-hours clinic for the necessary vaccine or immunization due during this time.

It is best to bring the necessary documentation and identifications that may be asked for by the medical staff in the center. Knowing the medical history of the patient or one's own is also useful when consulting a doctor in the after-hours clinic.

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